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October 11, 2013 Greg.Adams Admin.Update

                                         Greg Adams
Grade 2-6 Principal (Crestwood, Elma, Lime Springs/Chester)
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"Blue Out" Fridays
All students and staff are encouraged to wear  CadetNation  shirts or blue as a sign of school spirit and solidarity on the first Friday of every month.  This past Monday it also served as our commitment toward eliminating bullying and treating everyone with respect.

Teacher Evaluations
We are in the process of teacher evaluations.  It is great to dedicate the time to the classroom observations.  I especially enjoy observing and participating in the teaching and learning during that time, along with the follow-up conversations.  The post-conference is a great opportunity for lesson reflection and a chance to listen to teachers' classroom needs to further support their teaching.

RtI (Response to Intervention) now MTSS (Multi-Tiered Support System)
The K-5 Crestwood staff met during Wednesday's in-service to develop a schedule that dedicates 90 minutes to reading and 60 minutes to math every day.  The focus is on reading and reading comprehension since these are fundamental skills necessary for success in every other subject.  This also addresses our SINA Year 3 Plan.

Safety & Security
Schools currently are required to conduct (2) fire and (2) tornado/severe weather drills per semester according to state law.  Safety and security of your children is a priority as evidenced by door locks at each center.  In addition, we plan to conduct (1) shelter-in-place and (1) lockdown drill per semester. Also, there will be consistent safety conversations with local law enforcement regarding evacuation drills and other current safety measures.

Bus evacuations
Thank you to Brian Swestka (transportation director) and the bus drivers that conducted the bus evacuation drills on Wednesday morning.

Live Healthy Iowa Fall Fitness Day
Teachers and students participated in the statewide Fall Fitness Day by walking/exercising for 30 minutes on Wednesday.

Central Elkader visits Lime Springs/Chester Elementary
It was good to visit with staff from Central of Elkader on Thursday morning prior to their visit at Lime Springs/Chester Elementary.  The purpose of the visit was to observe and ask questions regarding multi-grade classrooms and determine whether this is a practice that could be applied in their school. Thank you to our teachers that shared some time with the group.

  • October 14 Board Meeting @ Lime Springs/Chester Elementary @7:00 p.m.
  • Finalize teachers' Individual Career Development Plans
  • Finalize SINA plans for the November 1 submission to the Iowa Department of Education
  • All 3rd grade students will attend Tomas and the Library Lady at Gallagher-Bluedorn Auditorium in Cedar Falls.
  • Friday, October 18 is the end of the 1st Quarter.

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