Friday, October 11, 2013

October 11, 2013

District Perspective

Superintendent John Carver

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2020 Howard-Winn: Teaching the Skills to Learn
Howard-Winn is evolving quickly. Our rate of change is accelerating exponentially. Creating meaningful, real-world learning experiences, providing opportunities to apply knowledge, empowering students to be creative and imaginative coupled with modeling servant leadership is defining what it is to be a CADET. Just a few examples...........
  • CADETS Shane Trautsch and Zackary Vandervort were lifted up and thanked by VREP training organizers: "Just a quick note to thank you for your work in helping get your two students to Elkader last Monday.  They were very nice young men and did an outstanding job.  Shane took the lead and did an outstanding job of walking the students through the tutorial he had made.  Zackary did a great job of assisting the students being trained in answering their questions."
  • Howard-Winn has been asked to provide technical support to LIVESTREAM speakers and present from the Iowa Technology and Education Connection (ITEC) conference in Des Moines. CADETS Mark Farlinger and Kevin McGuire, along with Tech Integrationist Heather Klenke will be part of the production TEAM. 
  • On October 8, 2013 CADET Kim Weigel provided technical support to the Governor's STEM Advisory Council BROADBAND Committee meeting in Des Moines.
  • From Mrs. Tuchek's 2nd grade class, Chloe Burke created a video presentation with her iPad (on her own), presenting to her classmates on "who runs the school." Notice how she runs the presentation on the Whiteboard from her iPad AMAZING!
  • Mrs. Knobloch connecting her classroom globally! CADETS learning with students from across the United States and Europe.
  • While at marching band competitions this fall, the Cadet Marching Band has cheered and supported other bands as they performed. This act of kindness has been noted throughout NE Iowa and moved forward the CADETNATION reputation. Simply OUTSTANDING!
This is an exciting time to be a CADET! CADETS FORWARD!

LOGO Contest Update
Howard-Winn is looking for a LOGO to represent the District and the direction into the 21st Century. Keeping in mind that "HOWIE" is our mascot, the LOGO would be a symbol that reflects our past and where we are going in the future. Examples submitted thus far:

These early suggestions are fantastic. Creativity and imagination! The timeline is being adjusted to facilitate more submittals. Remember this design contest is open to all. The winning design will be awarded $200.

October Board Meeting
Monday evening, 7:00 p.m., in Lime Springs. Items on the "radar" include:
  • District-wide Physical Plant Plan
  • Playgrounds
  • Enrollment
  • Actions to enhance the quality of life in the District
Check out the Video and VOTE!
Dream Big Grow Here Contest and Kessel Kids/ Early Childhood Learning Center has submitted a video to help with the Natural Playground we are designing! View the video and VOTE! 
Voting ends 10/30 and you can vote everyday!   
  • Check out the entrance to Crestwood High School. WOW what a look!
  • CADETNATION is so very PROUD of our athletic TEAMs! Good Luck in this week's competitions. SENIORS your leadership is greatly valued!
  • Marching CADETS "ROCK and ROLL" this weekend at the State Marching Band competition in Waterloo. Character, Class, and Composure.
  • "Shout-Out" to #2020HowardWinn "tweeters" @6rSorenson @Artteacher13 @mrsday75 @tfelderman78 @Crestwood_HS @ssovprincipal @lschwade @TeamAdamsClass @bknobloch @FosterTami@Kerian3B @kcarter_kevin THX for sharing the Howard-Winn story this past week and connecting students!

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