Friday, November 1, 2013

Crestwood Secondary Schools (7-12)
Tim Felderman
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Events for the Week of November 4 - November 8, 2013
Monday:         1 Hour Early Out Schedule
                       Parent/Teacher Conferences (HS: 3:30-7:30 pm, JH: 4-8 pm)
Tuesday:        7-12 Grade Academic BLT Meeting - 3:30 pm
Thursday:       1 Hour Early Out Schedule
                       Parent/Teacher Conferences (HS: 3:30-7:30 pm, JH: 4-8 pm)
Friday:            No School

National Honor Society Induction
The Induction Ceremony for new initiates to the Crestwood Chapter of the National Honor Society will be Nov. 18th at 7:00 p.m. in the HS Auditorium. This year's featured speaker will be Mr. Jeff Boecke. We invite all community members to the ceremony with a reception afterwards in the HS Student Center. 

A New Learning Dynamic
As you are aware, Howard-Winneshiek was awarded a state Competency-Based Education grant. The implementation of CBE principles will begin at the High School and eventually be K-12. This will involve content, instructional, and assessment revision.  

What will the dynamics of a new learning environment entail?
·       Ensuring student ownership of learning
·       Raising student academic achievement
·       Ensuring 21st century learning / civic responsibility / social emotional socials (skills to ensure success for future)
·       Redefining adult roles and performance expectations
·       Engaging with the community
What will some of the outcomes look like?
·       Meaningful community service projects
·       Personal learning plans
·       Increased learning activities
·       Respect of the students from the adult community
·       Extended learning activities (i.e. summer months, internships, etc.)
·       Integrate technology and provide equal access to technology
·       Definitive curriculum and learning objectives
The whole process of Howard-Winneshiek’s redesign of its current educational ideology is based upon the concept of student-centered learning. What does this mean? Student-centered learning is an approach to education, which puts students first and empowers them to take ownership of their learning. By creating rigorous individual goals and engaging in diverse relevant learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom, students will develop and demonstrate mastery of 21st Century Skills.

There is much work ahead and tough decisions to be made. The teachers of Howard-Winneshiek know this is the right work and the right focus for our students. 

Friends of the Howard-Winneshiek Community Schools
The re-establishment of the Howard-Winneshiek Schools Foundation is underway. The Foundation is the support group for academics for the school, similar to Booster Clubs for athletics, arts, and activities. 

What is the purpose of the group?  
Assist the Howard-Winneshiek Community Schools in the creation of a distinctive educational environment

What are the objectives of the group?
·       Be a constructive influence in Howard-Winneshiek by providing supplemental financing for special academic needs.
·       Endeavor to provide the most benefit for the largest number of students in all of its assistance.
·       Stimulate innovative programs designed to keep students engaged in school so they strive for excellence in academics.
·       Provide a means for alumni, families, friends, and business to invest in the educational experience and benefit by providing financial assistance and volunteering their time and expertise.

What will the group help support? 
·       Academic Enrichment
·       Technology
·       Student Recognition
·       Safety/Security


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