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December 20, 201

District Perspective
Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays
From 2020 Howard-Winn
enjoy our video Holiday Card produced and directed by Zackary Vandervolt

Superintendent John Carver
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Looking Back on 2013
Looking back on 2013, it is breathtaking to see the ground we have covered. Howard-Winn is on the move and moving quickly. Providing every K-12 student a digital device, teachers and students learning how to leverage and use these tools to learn and create, using social media to connect with learners globally, our rate of change is accelerating exponentially. Students connecting, creating and learning with classmates locally and globally is transformational. We are truly "preparing and empowering our students to think, creatively, serve, contribute and succeed locally and globally".  

Looking Forward to 2014
2014 has unlimited opportunities and potential. For Howard-Winn to keep moving forward we must stay possible and think outside of the box.  Change and the ability to work through change is the "new normal". There are challenges ahead, but how we deal and move through them is not only a life lesson we are teaching our students, but is serving as a model for the State of Iowa and the rest of the country. 

Grade Level Campuses
Teacher representatives from K-6 will be meeting in January to discussion and review which grades should be assigned to Lime Springs or Cresco. Grade level representative include: 
Kindergarten Paula Galvin 
1st Grade Katie Mahr
2nd Grade Krista Tuchek
3rd Grade Kelly Buehler
4th Grade Michelle Midthus
5th Grade Kelly Sorensen
6th Grade Jason Sorensen

Next Steps towards 2020 Howard-Winn....
Instruction continues to be the priority and creating a structure that enhances learning is the direction. Key components:
Meaningful relationships. Meeting individual student needs. Instruction that is differentiated focused on creativity, imagination, and curiosity. Structure that is flexible and empowers students. Literacy, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math curriculum that is relevant and demands deep levels of understanding and thinking. Systemic use of technology with feedback that is collected and analyzed in a timely and efficient manner to improve all levels of the system.  

    Additional Steps.............. 
  • January Decisions will be made on which campuses will serve which elementary grade levels. A teachers share with me this quote: We are moving from being a "salad" to a "melting pot".
  • Beginning second semester, Spanish, Technology and PE will be part of the elementary related arts rotation. These classes will give students enhanced learning opportunities and provide grade level teachers common collaboration time to design instruction. A WIN WIN!
  • Secondary Work on Outcome Based Education (OBE) will go forward. Crestwood High School is one of ten Iowa School District selected to be part of the statewide OBE pilot program. This spring a TEAM from Crestwood will be traveling to Pittsville New Hampshire, the cutting edge OBE school on the east coast, to connect, share and learn.
  • Saturday January 18, initial meeting of stakeholders to identify actions, timelines and move forward marketing the quality of life in our region. The goal to target and recruit families. The thinking is to create "package deals" of jobs, housing, schools, faith communities and highlighting community amenities. Collaboration of Elected officials (municipal, county, and state), business, industry, banking and area employers has unlimited potential.
  • Howard-Winn Schools to partner with Howard County to asses BROADBAND capacities in the region. The goal to enhance the quality of life and position for economic growth!


What learning looks like at Howard-Winn

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