Friday, December 6, 2013

December 6, 2013

District Perspective

Superintendent John Carver
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Happy Holidays
I would like to wish all of you Happy Holidays. What a wonderful time of year. Be sure to enjoy all the activities, meals and programs, but also the time you spend with family and friends. We are so very blessed and have before us exciting opportunities. Be safe and enjoy the season!

December Board Meeting Preview
The Board of Education will meet Monday, December 9 at 7:00 pm in Discovery Center at the Howard-Winn K-8 Campus in Cresco. Items of focus and action will include Early Retirement and restructuring the campuses.

Early Retirement Policy
For the program to be operational requires a Board Policy. Board Policy adoption takes two readings and votes. The first reading and vote is scheduled for the December Board Meeting. The second reading and vote will be in January. If approved timelines and a window for application will be established. Proposed qualifications include a minimum of 55 years old and 10 years of consecutive service. The benefit would be the employee's 2013-14 salary paid and cash-out of sick leave dispersed over a set number of years (the number of years would be contingent on the number of participants). More details will follow.

District Attendance Centers
The recommendation will be made to end the practice of combination elementary classrooms at Elma and Lime Springs and to end duplication of grades levels at different campuses. This means all students in a particular grade level will learn together at the same campus at either Cresco or Lime Springs. Students from Elma along with students from Ridgeway, Cresco and Lime Springs would be bused to the grade appropriate campus. Elementary teachers will be included in the discussion of which grade(s) levels would be located and served at campuses at Cresco and Lime Springs. My thinking is open, but my opinion is that upper elementary grade(s) makes sense to be at Lime Springs. Watch for additional updates.

21st Century Learning

This past week kindergarten students at the Howard-Winn K-8 campus got to video chat with the "Shark Lady" who was in the Bahamas. The students loved asking questions and getting to see the Sharks. For me it was simple amazing to see our young people, sitting in the Discovery Center, in Cresco, Iowa learning and experiences with someone thousands of miles away. Very COOL! It is my understanding that the "Shark Lady" is being scheduled to connect with students in Elma and Lime Springs after the Holidays.

Crestwood FFA
Congratulations to the Crestwood FFA and their work with Lime Springs Beef. Exciting that the Chapter was lifted up in the FFA New Horizons magazine!


  • Great Vocal Concert last Monday evening! Grades 7, 8, and 9 students can really "bring it"! BRAVO
  • Way to go Girls CADET Basketball. Impressed with your poise, grace, and competitiveness.
  • Boys Basketball is on the GO! Take it to the hole!
  • Wrestlers are ready to "take it to the Mat!"
  • Sirs and Ladies, the Madrigal Dinner is coming up! Food Fun and Frolic!
  • Be sure to mark your calendar Monday night for the Winter Band Concert!
One last thing.........Winter is here! Dress warm and follow on Twitter, Facebook, Iowa Alerts and local TV and Radio stations for Weather School Closings and Delays

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