Friday, January 10, 2014

January 10, 2014 Greg.Adams

Greg Adams

Grade 2-6 Principal (Crestwood, Elma, Lime Springs/Chester)
Twitter  @GregAAdams7     #2020HowardWinn

Looking ahead...
We know that the future of the district will mean that all students will be educated with the same grade level in the same building, with one or two grade levels being in Lime Springs. We look to teacher input when working through the final configuration. We also know that there are still parts of the equation to figure out as we work ahead. I value your input and ideas and you may reach me at 563-547-2300 or at the email address above. 

Getting Ready for 2nd semester!

January 2: Teachers and Apple trainers using technology for higher-level learning in literacy and math. The training built on previous training in August.
Students were welcomed back on January 7th, following an extended holiday break of one day due to dangerous, subzero wind chill temperatures.

Additional Elementary Exploratories
The additional elementary exploratory courses will begin on January 13th. This will allow time for planning and technology support. We are excited to add the following exploratories for the following grade levels.
  • Fitness:           1st grade
  • Spanish:          Kindergarten, 2nd, and 4th grades
  • Technology:    3rd and 5th grade

Requests for workshops, conferences, field trips, etc.
Teachers are reminded of the following procedure when requesting leave for the reasons above.
  1. Face-to-face meeting with your administrator to discuss your plans.
  2. Approve all leave (leave and transportation) through the same administrator.
  3. Timely notice (two weeks) to allow for planning and substitutes.

Individual Career Development Plans
The plan will be for all teachers' Individual Career Development Plans to be reviewed by the end of January. These plans may be individual plans or group plans and the intent of the conversation will be to gauge progress toward your goals. Hard to believe we are at the halfway point.


January 13, 2014 Board Meeting (Preview)
School Climate Updates: Counselors and Success Coordinators will describe school climate survey results, referral data, and ideas for student involvement.

K-5 MTSS Schedule: Elementary teachers will describe how they are meeting the needs of all students through this year's MTSS (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support) schedule. You may have read or been told that your child's schedule has changed this year. The intent is to identify learning needs and address them in smaller groups. Students may move to different grade-level rooms and be taught by different teachers during this "Cadet Time."

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