Friday, January 24, 2014

January 24, 2014

Crestwood Secondary Schools (7-12)
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Special Events for the Week of January 27 - February 2, 2014
Monday:        IHSMA State Jazz Contest
                      A.L.I.C.E Training - Elkader
Thursday:     Data Management System Committee - 3:30 p.m.      
Saturday:      Meistersinger HS Honor Band - Wartburg
Sunday:        Choir Boosters Omelet Breakfast - 8:00 a.m.

Iowa Competency Based Education Collaborative
January 22 was the third meeting of the Iowa Competency Based Education Collaborative.
The 10 Howard-Winneshiek teachers and administrators are learning and discussing how we will transform curriculum, instruction, and assessment for the 2015-2016 school year.
Items discussed included:
- How does Standards Based Grading and personalized learning merge into Competency Based Education?
- How can schools be proactive in communicating to stakeholder and the general community what Competency Based Education is and what the components are?

What Are the Problems with Traditional Grading Systems?
- For all students, there are only time-limited incentives to learn course material and no
opportunity or incentive to improve performance or learn more after grades are issued; no mechanism for recording student progress relative to learning goals; and a lack of connection between classroom grades, state learning standards, and standardized accountability measures.

- Students earning low but passing grades accumulate credits even in the absence of substantive learning. They earn a high school diploma without achieving a requisite level of skills and knowledge, and a low grade point average threatens their eligibility for colleges and financial scholarships.

- For students who fail classes, the resultant credit deficiency increases the likelihood that they will leave school without a diploma; a low GPA threatens their eligibility for colleges and financial scholarships even if they persevere to graduation; and their official school transcripts permanently record their failure and undermine their future life choices.
Camille A. Farrington and Margaret H. Small, A New model of Student Assessment for the 21st Century"

Data Management System Committee
Teachers, support personnel, and administrators are coming together to discuss the future of
Howard-Winneshiek's data management system. Currently, we utilize JMC for this purpose. Various state reports, lunch accounts, attendance records, and report cards are generated from JMC. As Howard-Winneshiek moves forward, we are analyzing the effectiveness of JMC for our uses.
Critical areas to be reviewed:
- What is JMC currently used for at Howard-Winn?
- What are the major determining factors of the Committee’s work in selecting a Data Management System?
- What other criteria will the committee use to determine the Data Management System?
- What features/benefits are the Committee looking for in a Data Management System?
- What factors are disadvantages of a Data Management System?
- What data/quantitative analysis is needed for selection of a Data Management System?
- What components are necessary in a presentation by Data Management System vendors?
- What/how will input be gathered from other schools?

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