Friday, January 31, 2014

January 31, 2014

Crestwood Secondary Schools (7-12)
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Special Events for the Week of February 3 - February 9, 2014
Tuesday:        Conference Wrestling Tournament - Decorah High School - 4 p.m.
Wednesday:   3 Hour Early Out - Teacher Professional Development
Saturday:       State Large Group Speech Contest - Waterloo West High School
                      Sectional Wrestling Tournament - Crestwood High School

Choir Boosters Omelet Breakfast
High School Student Center      8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Sunday, Feb. 2
Tickets are $6

Junior High Parent/Teacher Conferences Reminder 
February 18th and 20th will be the Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences. The following is a reminder regarding changes to the format:
- Parents will be able to use the Parent/Teacher Conference Scheduler to help parents set times with teachers. Time increments will be 10 minutes in length per teacher. More information on how to use the Scheduler will be sent to you as Parent/Teacher Conferences approach.
- Parents will be able to meet with teachers in the teachers' classroom/teaching space. This is to promote confidentiality while providing constructive feedback regarding the student's class progress.

NICC at High School Parent/Teacher Conferences
During Parent/Teacher Conferences, High School parents will be able to schedule time with NICC representatives. This is a service asked for during the recent Parent/Teacher Conference Survey. Parents - please take advantage of this time to help plan your son or daughter's future plan of study.

Adjustments to 3rd Quarter Midterm
Due to weather, the Junior High and High School 3rd Quarter Midterm has moved to Feb. 11. Grades are due to the office on Feb. 14.

Data Management System Presentations 
Teachers and staff held the 2nd meeting of the Data Management System Committee. The purpose of the committee: Determine if JMC should continue to be the Data Management System of Howard-Winn CSD. If not, determine the Data Management System Howard-Winn should transition to for implementation in 2015-2016. 

What are the major determining factors of the committee’s work in selecting a Data Management System?
  • Customer Service
  • User friendly
  • Reasonable turn-around time on report card revisions
  • State Reporting
  • Ease of entering students - Contact Information - Courses - Schedules
  • Student List/Report options
  • Ability to flip between buildings
  • Standards Integrated/formatting
  • Be able to see Standards “ranking” from previous quarters
  • Teacher Demo Version
  • Student pictures can be integrated into the program
  • Definitive timelines set and implemented for transition and implementation afterwards

What other criteria will the committee use to determine the Data Management System?
  • Integration with Schoology
  • Integration with Edmodo
  • Integration with Third Party Standard Based Grading system
  • Easier Progress Reporting
  • Comments formatting on report card
  • Input grade cut-offs each quarter

What features/benefits is the committee looking for in a Data Management System?
  • Professional Appearance
  • Ease of learning new system by teachers and parents
  • Parent access/communication
  • Change/adapting for 21st Century Learning Environment
  • Standards are able to be integrated with assignments
  • Capability of accomplishing non-certified employee time sheets 
Committee members are securing dates for vendors to present. JMC, PowerSchool, and Infinite Campus are the three vendors that will be considered.  
The next #cadetnation Day is next Friday, Feb. 7.  Remember to show off your blue and white! 

Competency Based Education
Best practices in a Competency Based Education grading system are outlined below:
• Once grading, or assessment, has taken place, the student must receive clear feedback from the teacher on his/her performance. The more timely and criterion-referenced the feedback is, the more it will impact student growth.
• If a student has been deemed not yet competent, it is compulsory to provide clear instructions on what must be done to achieve competency.
• In determining a student’s competency, emphasis is placed on the most recent evidence collected. New levels of understanding can replace old levels of understanding in the grade book.
• Teachers are encouraged to make their assessment and grading practices transparent to their students. This will allow students to take more ownership of their learning. Additionally, they will know where improvement is needed.
• Students who understand concepts and skills without needed additional practice are not penalized for skipping this work.
• Students who need additional time, practice, and/or instruction are not penalized by the averaging of assignment/assessment scores over time.
• Teachers at each grade/class/course-level will collaborate to develop an understanding of what is an adequate demonstration of proficiency.
• Teachers will assess skills and concepts in multiple contexts and in multiple ways.
• Attention is placed on student learning, not on student grades.
- Rochester, New Hampshire School District "Comptency Based Learning Guide for Educators"

High School Teachers Featured for Flipped Learning

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