Friday, February 14, 2014

February 14, 2014

Crestwood Secondary Schools (7-12)
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Special Events for the Week of February 17 - February 23, 2014
Monday:        No School - President's Day
Tuesday:       1 Hour Early Out Schedule - 2:15 Dismissal
                      Parent/Teacher Conferences - 3:30-7:30 p.m.
                      Iowa Competency Based Education Collaborative - Des Moines
Wednesday:  Junior High Band Solo Performances - 2:45 pm
Thursday:      1 Hour Early Out Schedule - 2:15 Dismissal
                      Parent/Teacher Conferences - 3:30-7:30 p.m.
                      State Wrestling Tournament
Friday:           No School
                      State Wrestling Tournament
Saturday:      All State Large Group Speech
                      State Wrestling Tournament

Students Willing to Stand Up
The smallest detail of providing a "voice" to the most important people in our organization - students - sometimes is forgotten about.  

A group of students approached me this week. They brought with them many worthwhile ideas to help students feel more comfortable in the place they spend a majority of their day. We had a great discussion of revolving around respect, attitudes, and student self-awareness. Productive ideas to improve these issues were shared by the three amazing young ladies. 

Outcomes from our meeting...

My commitment to students at Crestwood Secondary Schools:
- Appreciate the efforts of all students in all organizations.
- All students deserve respect by other students, no matter what the circumstance.
- Communication from the principal on issues which can be shared should occur.
- No issue is ignored when presented by students.

How will these commitments be demonstrated:
- Sending the the weekly Administrative Blog to all Secondary students.
- Emails to students regarding current school issues that provide the information which can be shared.
- Expanding the Student Leadership Team to include student representatives from each of the student co-curricular organizations.
- Promotion of student successes from all organizations via Twitter, school website, and displays in the building.
- Development of a Student Showcase Day each month in the HS Student Center during lunch.
- Development of student videos highlighting various positive and informative items in the school. Videos will be shared via school webpage, email, and televised in the Student Center.
- Continued invitations to students to participate and contribute on building and district level committees.
- Continued programming to help in the emotional/social development of students.
- Reminders on the various methods to communicate with the principal. For example: email, notes, Google forms, Twitter, etc.

To This Day Project
The following video was developed by Shane Koyczan from the "To This Day Project." The students I mentioned above shared it with me. It is one of the most moving videos I have seen regarding the far reaching and lasting effects of bullying.

Junior High Parent/Teacher Conferences Reminder 
February 18th and 20th will be the Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences. The following is a reminder regarding changes to the format at the Junior High:
- Parents will be able to use the Parent/Teacher Conference Scheduler to help parents set times with teachers. Time increments will be 10 minutes in length per teacher. 
- Parents will be able to meet with teachers in the teachers' classroom/teaching space. This is to promote confidentiality while providing constructive feedback regarding the student's class progress.

NICC at High School Parent/Teacher Conferences
During Parent/Teacher Conferences, High School parents will be able to schedule time with NICC representatives. This is a service asked for during the recent Parent/Teacher Conference Survey. Parents - please take advantage of this time to help plan your son or daughter's future plan of study.

Student Counseling Support
Crestwood High School will now be hosting a counselor from Northeast Iowa Behavioral Health - Decorah available to see see students during a study hall. Below is the process to arrange an appointment for your son/daughter to receive counseling.
- Call Northeast Iowa Behavioral Health at 563-382-3649 or 1-800-400-8923.
- When calling to set up your first appointment, please tell the receptionist that you would like your son/daughter to be seen at Crestwood High School.  
- The receptionist will then schedule your first appointment in Decorah with the correct counselor.  
- Following the initial meeting, you son or daughter can be seen at the High School during a study hall.

Mountain Climber Nominations

Reminder: Mountain Climber Nominations are due on Feb. 28. This award seeks to recognize students who have overcome difficulties to succeed academically, behaviorally, or with overall citizenship. The award is focused not on students who necessarily achieved at high levels, rather students that have overcome difficult situations.

Setting the Stage for Competency Based Education

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