Friday, February 21, 2014

February 21, 2014 Greg.Adams

Greg Adams

Grade 2-6 Principal (Crestwood, Elma, Lime Springs/Chester)
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Looking ahead...District Redesign

We now know that all 4th grade students will be educated in Lime Springs beginning next fall. Now the conversation turns to the logistics of making this happen. 

Thank you to everyone for your time, input, and professional courtesy as all points were discussed.

Monday, February 24
Tuesday, February 25: Parent-Teacher Conferences
Wednesday, February 26: 12:15 p.m. Early Dismissal. Teacher In-service
Thursday, February 27
Friday, February 28
March 10-21: Iowa Assessments (formerly ITBS & ITEDs)
March 14: End of Quarter 3
April 7-May 2: Spring MAP Tests

STEM Day! 
The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Day for all district 3rd - 5th grade students.
Activities included:
3rd Grade- Bubble Bonanza
Creating different shaped bubble wands- will it change bubble shape? -Mrs. Adams

Can you stack bubbles? -Mrs. Kerian
4th Grade- Invasive Species
Teamwork. Building towers to save the animals. -Mrs. Suckow
Building traps for an invasive species.  -Mrs. Fravel
Traps to catch invasive Cane Toads. Great collaboration ideas on improving the traps.  -Mrs. Suckow
5th Grade- Shake Things Up 
Planning to develop earthquake-proof buildings.
STEM activity + student creativity = great thought/designs. -Mr. Knobloch 

Designing earthquake tables
Mrs. Wilson's young engineers!
Shaking Things Up with Howard-Winn STEM Day by Keri Schatz

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Feb. 20th conferences have been rescheduled to Tuesday, Feb. 25th at all Howard-Winneshiek Centers. Scheduled conferences will be the same as those that were previously scheduled for the 20th. Please enter the scheduling program or contact office secretaries to make changes.

Lime Springs/Chester Students to Cresco due to Water Main Break
Our Lime Springs friends fit right in with us today! Great day learning together. -Mrs. Kerian
New friends read together.  -Mrs. Einck
The City of Lime Springs was working on a water main break on Feb. 19th, and there was no water pressure until the repair was made. Lime Springs/Chester students were bused to Cresco for the day. Since it was difficult to bring all materials along for the day, students brought their iPads and then were divided among the various classrooms. This allowed them to participate in the day's activities and for their classroom teacher to flow from room to room and co-teach. 
I would like to thank everyone for their cooperation in making the day go so well. Thank you to our students, teachers, transportation department, and food service department.

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