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February 21, 2014 Shirley Sovereign

PK-1 Principal/Director of Teaching & Learning
Shirley Sovereign
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STEM Day      
Work on the STEM Scale Up Project "Engineering is Elementary" began with all Howard-Winn students in grades 3-5 working together on Feb. 14th. The day started with students learning about the design process of engineering.  

3rd graders investigated the design process by working with bubbles, 4th grade by designing traps for an invasive species and 5th graders by designing structures that will withstand earthquakes. Teachers did a great job of grouping the students, scheduling and set-up for all the materials that day! HW students were ENGAGED in collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity!

3rd gr. in Mrs. Buehler's room explore with bubbles.
4th gr. in Mrs. Fretheim's room designing traps.

5th gr. in Mrs. Sorenson's room designing homes to withstand earthquakes.

Winter Weather Continues
As NE Iowa continues to deal with winter storms, the City of Lime Springs has been faced with a particular challenge with their city water system. With no water at the Lime Springs/Chester School, K-5 students were bused to Cresco on Wednesday. Teachers did a great job of quickly modifying their lesson plans. Teachers brought materials they could carry from LS/C and rode the buses with their students. Mrs. Tiffany McCabe welcomed and helped students find their classrooms. Brian Swestka and Greg Adams arranged the buses. Food service quickly put together breakfast and lunch for extra students. THANKS to all for your part in making the day go well!

For grades 3-5, this became an extension from meeting new friends after the STEM Day. It was amazing to see all the activities shared on Twitter and blogs from grades K-5 that day!
From KA kindergarten: "Great day with our new friends from Lime Springs!"
Parent-Teacher Conferences
The second evening of conferences had to be canceled due to weather. Conferences have been re-scheduled to Tuesday, Feb. 25th. Parents are asked to contact their child's teacher if they need to change their conference time due to the re-scheduling.
Food and Fitness
Mrs. Tuchek shared items on her 2nd grade blog this week including updates on literacy, math, inquiry projects, Valentine's Day party and the cross-age food and fitness lessons taught by HS students. For this particular class, HS students did a lesson on yogurt. Yogurt went over much better than squash did!

Wishing the best to the Cadets in their competitions this weekend. We are VERY PROUD!

Re-Designing Education
This image provides a thoughtful expression of the vision we have for transforming education at HW for all students. Students are becoming responsible for their own learning, and they are active in selecting the paths they want to pursue. A growth mindset inspires educators as they move forward with this transformation. 

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