Friday, February 7, 2014

February 7, 2014 Greg.Adams

Greg Adams

Grade 2-6 Principal (Crestwood, Elma, Lime Springs/Chester)
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Looking ahead...District Redesign

We know that the future of the district will mean that all students will be educated with the same grade level in the same building, with one or two grade levels at Lime Springs/Chester. Our group has continued to meet and is near a proposal. Thank you to everyone for your time, input, and professional courtesy as all points were discussed.

We look forward to making all the pieces fit following the grade level/s recommendation.


Monday: School Board Meeting @ Elma
Friday: STEM Day for grades 3-5
February 10: 
February 18: Parent-Teacher Conferences
February 20: Parent-Teacher Conferences
March 14: End of Quarter 3


There are now over 100 mentors in 5th-8th grade that are ready to help elementary students in the district! Thank you to our mentors, Tiffany McCabe and our teachers for making this program possible. Your contributions build connections and make our schools a positive setting. 

February 5 In-service
Iowa Code 279.68 Early Literacy Progression

Iowa schools are in the process of interpreting and implementing recently enacted Code from the 2013 legislative requirements. Some requirements go into effect immediately and some not until 2017.
  • Provision of universal screening in reading K-3
  • Progress monitoring for students who exhibit a substantial deficiency in reading
  • Provision of intensive instruction--at least 90 minutes daily
  • Provide strategies parents can use at home
  • Notice to parents of such a student’s subsequent progress
  • Provision of a summer reading program for students with reading deficiencies
  • Retention of any student not proficient in reading at the end of third grade

Evaluating Early Literacy
  • Reading Assessments for universal screening and progress--Formative Assessment System for Teachers (FAST)
  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)/Response to Intervention (RTI) Data System--Iowa TIER.  

Additional In-service Items

  • Mrs. Sovereign provided updates on the efforts of the Competency Based Education team.
  • Teachers used Curriculum Manager to identify gaps and overlaps in our curriculum so that our curriculum may be streamlined to the Iowa Core.
  • Teachers reviewed and mapped recently completed MAP test results and were able to note progress. It was great to see some significant gains in reading from fall to winter.
  • The PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports) and Wellness teams were able to meet.

STEM Day is February 14.
The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) team met to finalize plans for grades 3-5 to attend the district-wide STEM Day.
Topics will include:
3rd Grade- Bubble Bonanza
4th Grade- Invasive Species
5th Grade- Shake Things Up

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