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February 7, 2014 Shirley Sovereign

PK-1 Principal/Director of Teaching & Learning
Shirley Sovereign
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Elma K/1
Mrs. Lorrinda Kisley's kindergarten and first graders celebrated the 100th day of school on Feb. 4.  During calendar time, they were making groups of 10 to count to 100. They made 100th Day crowns and did several other activities to celebrate this special day.

Cresco Preschool
There was a large turnout of parents, students and siblings for the Preschool Family Fun Night that was held this week. Students and their families enjoyed various activities in different rooms in the Early Childhood Center. There was a movie showing classroom activities, face painting, fishing, dancing, making marshmallow snowmen and several others. My personal favorite was a preschool STEM activity where the children were able to create a rocket and "launch" Curious George to the stars in the sky.

Preschool STEM Activity
Fishing for a Surprise

Professional Development
Teachers worked on several different topics during the inservice time this week. 
  • Preschool teachers held a meeting to plan the next Preschool Parent Advisory meeting. They discussed information about the Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool training and classroom observations. Teachers are busy completing the second assessment for the year using the Teaching Strategies GOLD which will be done for each student by conference time. District PK teachers continue to be involved with regional early childhood training sessions in Calmar.
  • K-5 teachers worked on curriculum alignment with the Iowa Core and Curriculum Manager. They analyzed the reading tests scores on the Winter MAPS and DIBELS. Teachers met in district-wide grade level groups. Harold Jensen and Heather Klenke addressed questions from the teachers on technology. There was planning for STEM activities in grades 3-5, analysis of the PBIS survey, and the Wellness Committee met at the end of the day.  
Grow Howard County
The task force for Howard County met for the second time on Saturday, Feb. 1. The energy and commitment of the individuals attending that meeting was truly amazing! I learned a great deal from the presentation by Amy Kuhlers, from Connect Iowa, about what we need to do to get broadband access to Howard County. Ms. Kuhlers talked about three functions served by Connect Iowa: Community Planning, Mapping and Research. She stated that broadband access, adoption and use are all important. The next step will be to set about the task of completing the Assessment Planning Tool. The group also had an update on Home Base Iowa.
Broadband access across the state
Jason Passmore addressing the task force

3D Printer   
Students interested in creating objects with the 3D printer have been busy learning how to use Tinkercad. Mr. Knobloch has been making this available to GAT (Gifted & Talented) students and other students who express interest. I watched 3rd and 5th grade students working on this recently. Students were highly engaged!

School Routines Re-Established
Students were ready to be back on a regular schedule of school after weeks of interruptions due to weather. I walked through Mrs. Midthus's 4th grade class last week and found the students totally engaged in learning long division! Throughout the buildings, students seemed glad to be back in a routine and eager to learn. Let's hope the weather continues to allow this to happen. 


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