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JCC February 21, 2014

District Perspective
Superintendent John Carver
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Howard-Winn kindergarteners working hard during Math time. EXCITED about learning! Thanks Mrs. Franzen for sharing via TWITTER. You and your students ROCK!

Its NOT where it is learned, but what is learned! 
The waterline break in Lime Springs early Wednesday morning was a challenge that together we met and overcame. At 6:30 a.m. Wednesday, the decision was made to bus Lime Springs students and staff to the Cresco K-8 campus. In the span of minutes, using social media, local TV and radio, the word was spread and buses rerouted. Together, Lime Springs and Cresco students, Kindergarten through 5th grade, started classes on time in Cresco. It was way COOL to see the students and teachers share the adventure, come together and learn. Creativity, flexibility and imagination was showcased by ALL! Secretaries, bus drivers, cooks, as well as teachers, along with the parents, demonstrated for the kids how to adapt and go! It was very COOL to see the elementary kids and teachers come together almost seamlessly. My take away from all of this was an affirmation that "it's not where it is learned, but what is learned". My respect and admiration goes to Mr. Adams, Mrs. Sovereign, elementary teachers, and all of the support staff. You guys ROCK! 

All you see is Howard-Winn. Lime Springs + Cresco = CADETS

TIME does not equate to LEARNING
From Wednesday's Lime Springs waterline break to Thursday's blizzard, life and learning in rural NE Iowa is an adventure. 
  • Parent-Teacher conferences have been rescheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 25th, 2014. We will follow the Thursday, Feb. 20th schedule.  
  • The loss of instructional time due to late starts and school closings is of concern and under review. More information and updates will follow.  
  • "Old thinking" was so much time = so much learning. High school credit was/is awarded not only on the "grade" but how much time spent physically in class, in the "seat". Old thinking is that time and learning are NOT flexible. If you do not "learn it" in a set time you fail. There is no opportunity to "relearn". This paradigm needs to change.  
  • With the technology capabilities of Howard-Winn, "e-days" are being explored. It has been shared with me that there would need to be some kind of "assurance" that kids were online and learning. Another contributing factor is high speed, robust and reliable Internet connections district wide. If the kids are off-site, they would need to be connected. This is all "on the radar"! Updates will follow.  
Is College the "Silver Bullet" for "success"?
Every parent wants their kids to be happy, successful, and find a good job or career. Howard-Winn understands this and wants this for your children as well. This is reflected in the District's Mission and Vision statements. It is our purpose in being. That being said, for our young people to be successful, we must look forward to see what is on the horizon. It has been said many times before, that the jobs/careers our kids will have are yet to be created. So how do we get our kids ready? Teach them how to THINK. 

Additionally we know that Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) are the crucial 21st century skill sets. Check out our progress thus far.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is the application of STEM and connects Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD) and Computer Assisted Manufacturing (CAM). These are exciting, cutting edge, emerging careers that will be in high demand.  

Howard-Winn and Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) are planning and preparing training programs beginning in the fall that will have the potential to empower kids with employable entry-level CNC skill sets right out of High School. VERY COOL! More information will follow. 


 Howard-Winn 5th graders and 8th graders designing robots.  

Dr. Borlaug Statue unveiling

Plans are going forward with Crestwood FFA members representing Howard-Winn, our community and our region at the Norman Borlaug statue unveiling in Washington, D.C. on March 25th. I am excited to travel with seniors Kaytlin Langreck and Kayleigh Hauber as well as juniors Natalie Knobloch and Abby Hauber. It is very much appreciated that Kayleigh's mother Jamie will chaperon.

A special THANK YOU to these friends and community members for their financial support to make this happen. We are close to covering the estimated trip costs!

Patti Bryant                       John Carver (Decorah)                         Upper Iowa Tool and Die
LaDene Reid                     Lowell Sovereign                                  Hvitved & Associates
Lime Springs Beef            Bonair Enterprise                                   Bill Kruse
Hawkey Sanitation            Marlene Michel                                      Mehmert Tiling   
Gerald Keune                   Thomson Charitable Trust & CUSB         Jeri Andera
Cheryle Riehle                  Kiwanis                                                 Howard County Farm                                                                                                         Bureau

Grade Level Campuses for 2014  
Planning is underway for bringing all grade levels together for the fall of 2014.  
Grade Level Campuses:
  • Elma, Lime Springs and Cresco will all have pre-schools.
  • Grades K-3, 5-8 and 9-12 will be on the Cresco Campus.
  • 4th grade will be located in Lime Springs.  
Next steps include:
  • Teacher and classroom assignments (March-April)
  • Campus Open Houses (April-May)
  • Draft Bus routes (May-June)
  • Transfer of grade level materials (June-July)
  • Finalize Bus Routes (July-August)
  • Classes begin (August)

Shout Outs

  • Cadet Girls Basketball: WAY TO GO GIRLS! You make us all proud!
  • Cadet Boys Basketball: GOOD LUCK as you begin State Tournament play!    
  • Cadet Wrestlers What a wonderful season! BEST OF LUCK to Brandon Mayer, Chase Lienhard and Hunter Slifka at the State Tournament! Seize the moment. 
  • THANK YOU to Lime Springs Public Works and Mayor Barb Robinson for your diligence in getting the water back on! We VERY much appreciate your efforts!   
One last thought..............
The Howard-Winneshiek vision is to discover, develop and expand passions, creativity and strengths.......

Check out what CADETS are doing:
  • 9th grader Casey Ollendieck's passion is medicine and he wants to become a doctor. He recently attended the Congress of Future Medical Leaders workshop in Washington D.C.
  • Donaldson Manufacturing was so impressed with Sophomore Gretchen Vandervort and her work in the Discover Center that they would like her to do the same in their plant office!  
  • Junior Shane Trautsch's passion for working in Virtual Reality has provided him the opportunity to travel and represent the Virtual Reality Educational Pathways (VREP) program in Pennsylvania.  


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