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JCC February 28, 2014

District Perspective
Superintendent John Carver
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How cool is this! Mrs. Bohr's 8th grade students' examining actual Moon rocks! 

Special THANKS to NASA #coolscientists.

Studying the Moon! Locally learning globally!

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Celebrating Success
Celebrating success and accomplishments is important. For those being recognized it is an affirmation of hard work and dedication, it also inspires others with a "if they can do it, so can I" mind set. As the oldest of four kids growing up in Urbandale, my parents instilled in me the importance of supporting my brothers and sister. As a family we celebrated each others accomplishments. This meant, as a family, we went to ball games, wrestling matches, track meets, plays and dance recitals. Time, distance and cost was never a factor.

As a teacher and a coach, I included this thinking. In the classroom and on TEAMS I coached, we supported each other. Students, Coaches, Directors, Sponsors and fellow teachers as well as patrons and parents, celebrated together. If one had success we all had success!

Howard-Winn is a family. It is my desire that as a District and community, the norm becomes celebrating and lifting up all accomplishments. Along with sports, FFA, Music, National Honor Society, theatre, speech and academic accomplishments all need to be celebrated.

I learned a long time ago that to get support you have to give support. I know the Girl's Basketball TEAM is proud of the Wrestlers who competed at State. And I know the Wrestlers are excited for the Girls as they get ready for State Basketball Tournament, and both the Girl's Basketball TEAM and the Wrestlers are excited for the Boy's Basketball as they advance in Tournament play.

Howard-Winn is a special place and with have much to be proud of. It's GREAT to be a CADET

2013-2014 School Calendar Adjustments
Because of weather and State tournament play there are several School Calendar adjustments:
  • We will have class Monday, April 21, 2014 (Monday after Easter). 
  • The last day of classes for students is Monday, June 2, 2014 
  • Teacher's last day of service is Tuesday, June 3, 2014 

Additional Information:
  • The Girl's second tournament game is Thursday, March 6, 2014 at 3:15. With the Girl's victory, Pep buses will be offered. With an afternoon start time, classes Thursday will begin at the usual time. Those wishing to attend the Game will be dismissed at 11:30. Those not attending will remain in class. 
  • Boys Tournament games begin late afternoon, Tuesday, March 11. Watch for updates. 
A special THANK YOU to the Crestwood All Sports Booster Club for their outstanding financial support for Pep Buses. You are an important part of the CADET TEAM! 

Dr. Borlaug Statue unveiling: We are now"GOOD TO GO!"

Thank you, ThankYou, Thank You!  
A special THANK YOU to these friends and community members for their financial support to make this happen. With Cresco Bank and Trust's help, the trip for the FFA members is now covered! Again THANK YOU!
Patti Bryant                       John Carver (Decorah)                         Upper Iowa Tool and Die
LaDene Reid                     Lowell Sovereign                                  Hvitved & Associates
Lime Springs Beef             Bonair Enterprise                                  Bill Kruse
Hawkey Sanitation            Marlene Michel                                     Mehmert Tiling   
Gerald Keune                   Thomson Charitable Trust & CUSB        Jeri Andera
Cheryle Riehle                  Howard County Farm Bureau                Cresco  Kiwanis 
Cresco Bank and Trust

"Shout Outs"
Way to go 2014 State Wrestlers: Brandon Mayer 4th place, Hunter Slifka 3rd place and qualifier Chase Lienhard!

CADET Girl's Basketball: ON TO STATE! GREAT job to the Coaches and player on a fantastic season! TAKE STATE!

GOOD LUCK to the Boy's Basketball TEAM in the Sub-State Final against Waverley Shell-Rock at New Hampton Monday evening. 

THANK YOU BUS DRIVERS! This has been a very tough winter and the driving conditions have been challenging. OUR BUS DRIVERS ROCK!

Learning at Howard-Winn...........
4th Graders learning how to use their MackinVIA accounts to download books to their iPads. EXCITED ABOUT READING!

Showcasing student learning via TWITTER

Can you feel the excitement? 
2020 Howard-Winn

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