Friday, March 21, 2014


Athletic Director Jim Obermann
Twitter:  jobermann

The Ice Age is slowing leaving...My attempt at a little spring humor hopefully will coincide with a little more warm weather to end this bitterly long winter. I have carefully taken the snow blower to the track and have cleared away enough snow to allow for some short sprint work for the tracksters. Other than the warm sun, I can't think of anything to speed up the warming process for the golf courses. Luckily, we don't have any outdoor events scheduled until early April, but that is not far away...
  • Track - Both the girls and boys teams are doing the best they can to get ready for their seasons by focusing on core strength. Approximately 80 boys and girls are sharing space in the gym, fitness room, weight room, the city streets, and a few partially clear lanes on the track. The indoor season will come to a close for the most part within the next week...
    • Girls Indoor Meets - Saturday at Luther - 11:00-5:30 and next Tuesday at Wartburg - 5:00
    • Boys Indoor - also at Wartburg on Tuesday for the NEIC Indoor - 5:00
  • Golf - Practice has just begun - workouts will take place at the fitness center and possibly at the Notre Dame gym before they head outside
    • Their first meets also begin in early April...time will tell...
  • A special thanks to the All-Sports Booster Club for spring sport purchases...
    • A new high jump pit cover
    • Meet golf balls
  • Preseason baseball and softball pitching continues
    • Spring is the time to strengthen the arms and our throwers have been at it awhile already
New scoreboards...We are currently exploring the possibility of purchasing some new scoreboards for our various facilities. All of our scoreboards are getting fairly old and will all need to be replaced in the not-to-distant future. More news to come on this at a later date...

When I get up early in the morning to feed my hay burners, I am now hearing more birds chirping and seeing more wildlife on the move. This is a sure sign that warmer temperatures and our outdoor sports are fast approaching. If our athletes' past accomplishments over this year are any indication, the spring and summer should be fun as well. Here's hoping for a good spring!!!

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