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JCC March 14, 2014

District Perspective
Superintendent John Carver
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1st graders in Mrs. Mahr's class using iPad app to answer the 4 focus questions in LEAD 21. 

Next Steps in the adventure
We are moving through deep systemic change and this is our "printing press" moment. As we look to the future, it is important we are transparent, thoughtful and strategic in our thinking and actions. To support our mission, many things are in play, specifically but not limited to: instruction, assessment, real world learning, staffing, physical structure, and technology. We are on a journey, climbing a ladder, and it is important we take things a "step at a time".    

Next Steps: Early Retirement

Last Monday, the Board accepted early retirement applications from:
Associates: Leone Ferrie, Delrae Wolter.
Administration: Shirley Sovereign.
Teachers: Steve Anderson, Barbara Holstrom, Polly Jones, Debra Larson, Jennifer Matt, Gerald Mihm, Karen Nance, Pamela Spindler, Jane Ullom. 

As a result of the Early Retirements, per Mater contract, teaching vacancies have been posted. These are TENTATIVE and subject to the needs of the District. 

Next Steps: 2014-15 Staffing

Modeling for staff needs for 2014-15 is being developed based on projected enrollments. This is preliminary and subject to change. Information presented is focused on Elementary grade level and does not include Related Arts/Exploratory or Special Education Assignments. These areas are also under review. 

13-14 staffing (current) FTE
Projected Enrollment 14-15 (Tent).
Grade Level Staffing  FTE
Projected Class sizes
+ / -
4 (5)
25 (20) +1
3@19 20
+. 5






In that there will be staff reductions and realignments, the desire is to share as much information as possible, in a timely manner. Projected Kindergarten enrollment is being tracked and reviewed. Also there is discussion on the structure of the transitional grades, 6th, 7th and 8th. Stay tuned for updates.

Next Steps: School Calendar
With direction and design elements now being defined by the Legislature, the 2014-15 School Calendar is in its final stages. Proposed thinking is that the start dates and end dates as well as Professional Development Time will correspond with the 2013-14 Calendar. With Board review and approval, the Calendar will be made available soon. 

Next Steps: Structure to Support Learning

Design elements to support the structure for learning include physical plant and use of time. 
  • The one room school house support learning, and the "box on box" classrooms with hallway supported 20th century learning, the question we have is what physical space is needed to support 21st learning? 
  • How are kids clustered to optimize learning? Is it by age, interest, or academic achievement level? 
  • How do we best use TIME? A certain amount of time does not equal a certain amount of learning. Our task is to design and create a system where learning is constant and time is flexible. Learners (teachers and students) need to be empowered. 
Stay tuned, more information and opportunities to joining the thinking will follow.   

Cresco Theater, Celebrating 100 years!
100th Anniversary of the Cresco Theatre/Opera kickoff event is March 23rd  and 24th with Simon Estes in his Iowa 99 County Tour. Concert is Sunday the 23rd at 3:00. Tickets are on sale now through . More information about Simon is available at . This concert is a performance with the Crestwood High School Choir.

Shout Outs!
  • The collaboration and positive working relationship thus far with the contract negotiations is appreciated! Positive progress forward!
  • Powerful reflective discussion last week focused on the 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Ideas and direction will emerge. 
  • Great work CADET NATION for the support of the Girl's Basketball Team in State Tournament Play. What an exciting time. Though not all could attend in person, everyone was there in spirit!
  • All the BEST to those students participating in the State Speech Contest this Saturday!  We are PROUD of you!
  • A MUST SEE this week....the Junior High Musical "The Ever After!" Performances are Thursday and Saturday at 7:30 in the Crestwood auditorium. "Break a Leg!"
  • Excited to Connect! This past week Howard-Winn made an introductory connection with Jeanine Gendron, Director for Instructional Technology the with the Broward County School District in Florida. Going forward, how COOL would it be to link Iowa and Florida classrooms together for STEM learning! Be looking for them on Twitter at @browardschools     

Things to reflect on.........     
At Howard-Winn learning looks like this: collaborative, interactive, and "hands on"......

But the way the State measures learning and academic achievement is by "fill-in-the-blank, dot-to-dot tests." Time for change.........?

One last thing.........
The Internet is now 25 years old, Amazon has transformed retail sales, and there is more technology in a smart phone than in NASA's first Lunar lander............ROCK ON!

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