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March 28, 2014 Greg.Adams

       Greg Adams

Grade 2-6 Principal 

(Crestwood, Elma, Lime Springs/Chester)
Twitter  @GregAAdams7     #2020HowardWinn

Looking ahead...District Redesign
We now know that all 4th grade students will be educated in Lime Springs beginning next fall. Now the conversation turns to the logistics of making this happen. 

The next steps will be determining the number of sections and supports for each grade level. The intent will be that the teaching and learning at Lime Springs will follow the same model with the same supports available to all other grade levels in the district. Staffing discussions continue. We also are working at determining the model that best serves our 6th grade students.

Monday, March 31 - Lime Springs/Chester Music Program, 7:00 p.m.
Tuesday, April 1
Wednesday, April 2
Thursday, April 3 - Pinnacle order forms are due (Grades 6-8)
Friday, April 4
April 7-May 2: Spring MAP Tests
April 24- NICC Family STEM Festival @ Calmar

Great performance, Crestwood Elementary, grades 2 & 3. 
Make a Wish, Dream a Dream!

Cane Toad
Congratulations to Kerry Fretheim for the grant awarded below.
Northeast Iowa RC&D
Employee Giving Fund (EGF)
2014: The Power of Art!
The art forms of the project requesting support are for sculpture, literary arts, and media art.
Describe event, if applicable (include activity, date and venue): 
The event that my fourth graders would be participating in is clay animation. My students will be planning and creating public service announcements, which will then be turned into clay animation and with the use of stop motion media my students will create short films. We will share our short films in a Classroom Movie Premier and have them available for the public.

This project will take place at Crestwood Elementary in a fourth grade elementary classroom of 22 students in May. My students are currently participating in a STEM workshop investigating how Cane Toads have invaded Australia. In May, we will continue our study of invasive species and how they affect the habitat around them. The goal for this project is for my fourth grade students to be engaged in researching invasive species that directly affect our own environment. For example one of my student groups will be researching the emerald ash borer. After gathering their research, my students will create a storyboard, which will explain how the invasive species affects our environment. Using this storyboard, the students will create clay animation and use stop motion video to create their public service announcements. These announcements will then be shared with the public through twitter, YouTube, and at our Classroom Movie Premier.

I have taught elementary students for 22 years. During that time, I have created lessons where my students can showcase their talents. I feel it is important to integrate the arts into my teaching. I have had experience in creating many movies on the iPad. I also introduced clay animation and stop motion last year for an enrichment day at my school. I was first introduced to clay animation when my son began creating clay animation movies at home. 

I will be using the grant proceeds to purchase wire, clay, and sculpting tools which would enable my students to create their figures for the clay animation. I would also be using the proceeds to purchase materials for background and props that will be needed to create our movies.

This project will positively impact the community and region by helping the public become aware of invasive species in and around our region. These public service announcements will be created by children from their own community and shared with community members. These public service announcements will help students understand how communities need to work together to solve problems. One voice can reach millions.

Recent grants awarded. Thank you to those that wrote the grants and to the sponsors. These programs directly benefit students.
Cresco Wisdom and Wellness - $1,250
Coding and Robotics for fourth grade - $1,500
Natural Outdoor Playground - $1,500
Smartboard for Pre-K classroom - $1,050
Smartboard for Pre-K classroom - $1,050

Pinnacle Magazine and Food Sales
Students in grades 6-8 kicked off the magazine and food sales through Pinnacle Fundraising on March 20. The funds are used for field trips. Orders are due April 3. The trip is scheduled for April 23.

At the "W" in Waverly. Students must sell 10 items to attend the trip.
Iowa Youth Survey
Guidance counselors, success coordinators, and principals met to address two areas from the recent Iowa Youth Survey.
  1. Engaging parents in the school 
  2. Safe Dating/Relationships
Next steps include separate meetings with junior high and high school students to brainstorm 1) the reasons these areas are shown as a priority, and 2) strategies/activities to address the items above to make school a nurturing, safe environment.

A description of the Iowa Youth Survey is below...
The Iowa Youth Survey is a collaborative effort conducted by the Iowa Department of Public Health, the Iowa Department of Education, the Office of Drug Control Policy, the Iowa Department of Human Services, and the Division of Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning in the Department of Human Rights. It has been administered in Iowa since 1975 but has undergone significant changes over time.
Since 1999, the survey has been administered to almost all of the 6th, 8th, and 11th grade students in the state. As a result, the Iowa Youth Survey has become a "census" survey that reflects the perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors of Iowa youth. In 2012, a total of 70,770 student surveys were completed and included in analyses.
The data have been reported in various ways to meet the needs of state, regional, and local planners. When these reports do not meet the needs of schools, AEA and DE staff is available to provide guidance and needed data analysis support.
CPI (Crisis Prevention Institute) 
43 staff members were trained in CPI on March 26. CPI focuses on de-escalation skills and keeping staff/students safe. Thank you to AEA staff, Katie Fisher and Angie Raddatz for leading the training.

CPI's Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program is known worldwide for its innovative, holistic philosophy of providing Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM for staff and those in their care—even during crisis moments. This program is now recognized by many as the international standard for violence prevention and intervention training.

Thank you to Shelly McCallister and Keith Slifka for training interested staff members in CPR. Training consisted of CPR for adults, children, and infants; assisting choking victims, and AED training. Another important step toward a safe school district!

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