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April 18, 2014 Shirley Sovereign

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Shirley Sovereign
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Elementary Vocal Music Concert
The program "Make Friends Not Bullies" was performed by the 4th and 5th grade students at Crestwood Elementary on April 15th.  Mrs. Barb Holstrom and the students did an excellent job!  While preparing for this concert, Mrs. Holstrom asked the students to write about their thoughts on bullying.  These writings were shared, and students voted on the statements that became part of the narrative for the performance.  I am very proud of the insightful thinking shared by these students!  My personal favorite from the program was, "Do Unto Others..."  At the end of the program, the students presented Mrs. Holstrom with a gift to celebrate her retirement at the end of this school year.  Congratulations Mrs. Holstrom and great performance 4th and 5th grade students in #Cadetnation!

2014 Healthy Iowa Award Winner

Congratulations to Cheryl Dickman, Food Service Director, for assisting Howard-Winn in achieving the 2014 Healthy Iowa Award for K-12 schools.  This award is given annually by the Iowa Department of Public Health and the Healthiest State Initiative to recognize schools, colleges, businesses and individuals leading Iowa's goal to improve well-being in the state.  Mrs. Dickman stated that the application for this award was based on the areas of nutrition, physical activity and mental health, and Howard-Winn. was the recipient of the award for K-12 schools.  The award was presented at the Healthy Iowa Awards ceremony in Des Moines.  Thank you to all members of the staff and the HW Wellness Committee for the hard work to support wellness in our district.

Students Attend Performance at the University of Northern Iowa
Students in grades K-2 attended the play, "Five Little Monkeys," this week at the Gallagher-Bluedorne Theatre on the U.N.I. campus.  Students from all three elementary centers came together and rode charter buses to U.N.I. where they ate their lunch in the Unidome before attending the play.  We continue the strong commitment to providing elementary students with quality field trips each year.  All K-5 students attend at least one fine arts and one content area(s) field trip each school year.  Most grade levels attend other local field trips and fitness events as well. 

Capturing Kids Hearts

Our Junior High and High School guidance counselors and Success Program teachers visited Anamosa High School on April 17th to learn more about the Capturing Kids Hearts (CKH) Program.  CKH provides tools for administrators, faculty and staff to build positive, productive, trusting relationships--among themselves and with their students.  These processes can transform the classroom and campus environment, paving the way for high performance.  This program appears to have liknesses with the student advisories and Restorative Justice programs that the CBE Team learned about when visitng Pittsfield, NH recently.  Strong correlations exist between student connections and improved academic performance. 
State Science Fair
A group of students and teachers attended this event in Ames.  Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Bohr and student, Allison Martinek, reported about the science fair at the Board meeting this week.  Allison reported that she learned a great deal by attending, and that it was much larger than she expected.  Two projects she mentioned viewing were on music therapy and plant growth. 

Students who attended the State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa on March 27th and 28th were Dylan Meirick, Jon Henry, April Halverson, Madison Caffrey, Allison Martinek, Colter Bye, Ben Koshell, Kaylee Worple, and Hope Dohlman.  Todd Knobloch, Crystal Johnson and Becky Bohr were the teachers who took the 7th and 8th graders.  The nine students were chosen to advance to state after holding a local fair at Howard-Winn in early December.

The State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa was held at Hilton Coliseum in Ames.
Students enjoyed the opportunity to meet students from all over the state and looking at a variety of science projects ranging from 6-12 grades. The students were judged by four different judges and competed very well receiving "excellent" ratings! The students were professional and represented Howard-Winn at all times respectfully. 

Kindergarten Transition
On April 25th, there will be no kindergarten classes at Cresco and Lime Springs/Chester.  Classes have been cancelled that day so the kindergarten teachers are able to go to the preschool classrooms to meet the 2014-2015 kindergarten students and conduct pre-kindergarten observational assessments.  All preschool students will be bussed to Cresco from Elma and Lime Springs for the morning.  Preschool teachers will ride the buses with their students.  The Kindergarten students in Elma will attend school that day since they have class with 1st graders.  

Preschool students district-wide will be dismissed at noon on April 25th so the district preschool and kindergarten teachers have time to collaborate on the details of transitioning the students from preschool to kindergarten.

A district-wide kindergarten parent meeting will be held at Crestwood Elementary on April 29th at 6:00 p.m.  Activities will include time for the students to enjoy centers in the kindergarten classrooms and for parents to meet with the kindergarten teachers and guidance counselor.  This event is for the kindergarten class of 2014-2015. 

Elementary will take the tests from April 7-May 2.  Junior High and High School students will test from April 22-May 2. 
Cadet Track & Field Running Club
This event was post-poned due to the weather.  The Running Club will begin on April 21st.  This is an excellent opportunity for students in grades 4-6 to be introduced to the sport of running and track and field in a safe and fun environment.  This will be held on Mondays from 5:30-7:00 p.m. at the Crestwood track.  The Running Club instructors are Mr. Obermann, Mrs. Steffen and the HS Track Team members.

Final Reminder:  STEM Fest
The parent and student STEM Fest will be held next week at NICC.




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