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JCC April 11, 2014

District Perspective
Superintendent John Carver
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Learning at Howard-Winn: "Where the action is!"
Wednesday was "just another day" at Howard-Winn. Secondary students attended Career Day. OMG! 110+ area business connect with 600+ secondary students (grades 7-12). Kids seeking their passions!
Elementary teachers had the opportunity to connect and learn with Kristin Ziemke. Kristin is a 1st grade teacher with the Chicago public schools, Apple Distinguished Educator, Nationally Board Certified Teacher and is Chicago's Tech Innovator of the Year. As a first grade teacher, she engages students in authentic learning experiences where reading, thinking and collaboration is foundational. She illustrated using digital tools to capture and share thinking. A GREAT day of learning! (You got to LOVE Kristin's Twitter photo!)

All this while at the same time Junior High students were SKYPING with classmates in Russia!

Learning at Howard-Winn IS "where the action is!"

Howard-Winn Transforming
This past week teaching assignments where determined for the 2014-15 school year. As been shared, we are moving from a fractured K-5 (on multiple campuses with combination classrooms), 6-8, 9-12 structure to a unified K-6, 7-12 District campus structure. The process involved virtually every PK-6 Howard-Winn teacher. This was a hard thing, instructionally for our students it is a good step forward.

Collaboration with the Howard-Winn Educational Association (HWEA) in constructing the process for transition is greatly valued and appreciated. Thank you.

Teaching assignments for 2014-15 will be posted next week.

Again I want to THANK all for your reflection, cooperation and service.

Next step......planning for "May Day" Orientations at Lime Springs and Cresco Howard-Winn Elementary Campuses.

Update: Director of Teaching and Learning / PK-1 Principal
We have 31 candidates for the Director of Teaching and Learning / PK-1 leadership position.  Applications will be reviewed on Monday with SKYPE interviews to be scheduled later in the week.  On Campus interviews will be scheduled the week of April 21.  This is an exciting time at Howard-Winn!

"Digital Leadership" quotes Howard-Winn Board Members

Chapter 6 of Eric Sheninger's new book "Digital Leadership, Changing Paradigms for Changing Times" lifts up Howard-Winn and includes quotes from Howard-Winn Board members Duane Bodermann and James Kitchen and mentions the importance of our partnership with Keystone AEA and Northeast Iowa Community College.  Together we are great and wonderful things for kids!  Passion+Profession=Unlimited Potential! Priceless!

"Shout Outs"

  • THANK YOU to the Community Foundation Howard County for your generous   support.  We GREATLY appreciate and value your involvement with the Howard-Winneshiek Community School District. You are helping to make things happen! 
  • Good Luck to the CADET Golf and Track Teams! The weather finally turned good.  Enjoy the moment. 
  • GREAT JOB FFA Chapter members on a wonderful end of year banquet.  Good Luck to the newly installed Chapter Officers.  Keep moving forward!

junior Emilyn Frohn for creating our Cresco Shopper add!  This is fantastic!  You ROCK!

Our thinking and actions must move beyond surviving to thriving. To accomplish this, there must be a realization that to be successful in "bringing people to the party" in Howard County, we all have to unite and come together. There are several who continue to "keep score" and cling to the "us vs them" old thinking. For those who do, they will miss opportunities and unfortunately be left behind. 

What better way to begin to come together than by 
“Food is the moral right of all who are born into this world” ~ Norman Borlaug  

“Meals from the Heartland” is a non-profit organization that engages volunteers to package meals for food-insecure people around the globe across the United States and right here in Iowa.

Plans are now being made to bring this to Howard County as part of the 2014 Norman Borlaug Harvest Festival. This is an opportunity to include all of Howard County, young and old, in packaging meals. VERY COOL!

More information and get involved contact: Pam Carver at or Vickie Grube at

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