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JCC April 18, 2014

District Perspective
Superintendent John Carver
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This is a wonderful sample of the GREAT teaching and learning going on at Howard-Winn! Way to go! Cadets: FORWARD!

Transformation Update
We continue to move forward. Last week PK-6 campus assignment for teachers was finalized. With this in place, transition plans are next. This includes, but not limited to: transportation, meet the teacher events, and transfer of education materials. Everyones cooperation and flexibility is valued and appreciated.
Pre-K (1-1.0 FTE and 5-.8 FTE)
Mrs. Merkel (1.0 FTE) CE
Mrs. Tieskoetter - CE
Mrs. Marr - Pre K - CE
Ms. Burke - EE
Mrs. Vsetecka - CE
Mrs. Holthaus - LS

Mrs. Galvin
Mrs. Franzen
Mrs. Timp
Mrs. Leifeld

1st Grade
Mrs. Voves
Mrs. Berg
Mrs. Einck
Mrs. Rausch

2nd Grade
Mrs. Buehler
Mrs. Ihde
Mrs. Tuchek
Mrs. Kuhn

3rd Grade
Mrs. Kerian
Mrs. Midthus
Mrs. Adams

4th Grade*
Mr. Carter
Mrs. Hemann
Mrs. Mahr
Mrs. Kisley

5th Grade
Mrs. Halverson
Mrs. Wilson
Mrs. Sorenson
Mrs. Suckow

6th Grade
Mr. Sorenson
Mrs. McCarville
Mrs. Fretheim

K-6 Special Education
Mrs. McCabe
Mrs. Watt
Mrs. Walter
Mrs. Butler

Lime Springs Special Education
Mrs. Fravel

Title 1
Mrs. Cray
Mrs. Foster
Mrs. Vachta
Mrs. Murray

Success Teacher
Mr. Anderlik

Mr. Knobloch

ELL (Tentative / FTE TBD)

Mrs. Mahoney
Learning and Instructional Leadership Redesign
The focus of everything we do is on learning, with instruction being a critical component. Instructional leadership is crucial to insure student's academic achievement and passion are identified and nurtured. 

Active searches are underway for the PK-1 / Director of Teaching and Learning and a new position, Director of Student Services: Citizenship and Activities. The Director of Student Services will be a full time administrative position charged with overseeing all the Cadet Activity Programs specifically but not limited to: athletics, music, speech and drama and student behavior.  

It needs to be noted that Mr. Obermann's leadership and service as the Cadet Athletic Director is greatly valued and appreciated. He has helped to move the Cadets FORWARD!  

Updates and additional information will follow.

2014-15 School Calendar Approved
Last the Monday, the Board of Education approved the 2014-15 school calendar. Input from community members and staff in creating the calendar is greatly appreciated and valued. Thank you! Please note 2014-15 design features include: 1st day of class Thursday, April 21, fall P/T conferences are Monday, November 17 and Thursday November 20 with the PK comp day FRIDAY November 21 and the K-12 Comp day on WEDNESDAY, November 26. The 2014-15 calendar will be posted on the school website


Congratulation Savannah Lentz! Signing National Letter of Intent for golf and basketball. This fall she will be a NIACC Trojan!

What a wonderful night of music! The 4th and 5th grade concert ROCKED!

THANK YOU Howard County Community Foundation for your continuing support! You guys ROCK!

"Holka Polka" What a GREAT performance last Saturday! The Lime Springs Children's Theater Troupe is a wonderful opportunity for kids!

Thanks to Public Relations Coordinator, Keri Schatz! She is telling our story!
Healthy Iowa Award Winners Announced
Iowa Department of Public Health and Healthiest State Initiative Recognition

Coming together to Serve
Cadet Nation's reputation of services is a point of humble pride. The Silver Cord program is OUTSTANDING. From many hours of unselfish work, a truth has emerged, that in many instances, Cadets have grown and received more serving others that those they have served. The gift of time has gone both ways.

Looking to the fall.............
Plans are now being made to bring Meals of the Heartland to Howard County as part of the 2014 Norman Borlaug Harvest Festival. This is an opportunity to include all of Howard County, young and old, in packaging meals. VERY COOL!

More information and updates will follow
Final thoughts........
  • For those going to see family and friends in the next couple of days, safe travels.  
  • Together we are having a wonderful and exciting adventure of change. There are two ways to experience it: dig in your heels and try to slow it down or run with it, get out ahead and see what is next.  
  • Another thing to consider is that our young people are watching us. Like sponges, they are soaking up all we are saying and doing. That being said, what lessons are we teaching our children about change?
Enjoy the moment! 
Think SPRING and WARM weather

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