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JCC May 16, 2014

District Perspective
Superintendent John Carver
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Good Luck and Blessings to the Class of 2014!
Class of 2014, please know we are all PROUD of you and your accomplishments! Your class has unlimited potential and I am convinced you will all go out into the world and do GREAT things. Congratulations to you and your families! CADETS FORWARD!

May Board of Education Meeting Recap: We've changed!
It was so cool to be at last Monday's Board of Education meeting. It was exciting to see and hear about the innovation and achievement happening not only in the classroom, but throughout the organization! Howard-Winn has "stepped through the looking glass," burned the boats, and embraced new thinking. We see the new world and with it unlimited potential. None of us now can, or would, go back.

If you were at the meetings you saw:
Director Doug Berg attending the Board meeting virtually, "SKYPING" in from a fishing expedition in Northern Minnesota. 

Junior Shane Trautsch sharing with the Board his experiences this past spring: "MC"ing the Virtual Reality Education Pathways (VREP) spring showcase, was contracted to provide VR instruction to students in Pennsylvania, and create a tutorial on how to make fire virtually.

Howard-Winn Teachers Deb Day, Justin Denner, Michelle Riedel, Tanya Riehle and Libby Schwade shared how they have "FLIPPED" their classrooms, embracing and making operational new thinking on teaching and learning. Their excitement and energy was infectious. Check out their video
Howard-Winn Buildings and Grounds Director Larry Trende reported improvements in the physical plants and our progress for reducing our energy costs, including the forward momentum to achieving a Gold Star Energy rating.

Transportation Director Brian Swestka brought forward a proposal to buy 2 LP powered school buses. Brian's research indicated these buses would bring to the District considerable fuel cost savings. 

Sara Grimm hired as Howard-Winn's new PK-1 Principal / Director of Teaching and Learning. Mrs. Grimm brings graduate degrees in Reading and Administration, experiences as a classroom teacher and principal, and a wealth of knowledge and experience in teaching pedagogy. We all are EXCITED to have her join the CADET TEAM!

Howard-Winn is on the move! As we move forward, together, we will work through every obstacle and challenge. CADETS FORWARD!

Howard-Winn in the House: National Reading Conference
Last week Principal Greg Adams, and the Kindergarten TEAM of Julie Franzen, Paula Galvin, Lois Leifeld, and Michelle Timp, attend the International Association Reading Conference in New Orleans. 

The TEAM connected with authors and educators from across the country. Returning to Howard-Winn, they have shared that the opportunity provided them "a wealth of information we are able to bring back and share with the Howard Winn staff" and that "it was exciting to implement many of the ideas right away upon our return." 

The TEAM also shared that: "We were proud to realize how advanced our district is in many of these areas compared to other educational institutions represented. Besides the many strategies we learned, we were also pleased to gain a better understanding of the culture of this part of our country. This helps us be more aware and informed educators as we share the world with our students." 

Howard-Winn is making a difference! 

Meals from the Heartland: Howard County
THANKS TO ALL who are participating in "Denim for Dollars"  May 19-23! Your contribution of $5 a day, ($25 total), to wear jeans to work for the week is helping to build momentum for the meal packaging event this September! .  Checks preferred, written to "Meals from the Heartland".   

"Shout Outs"
There are several Field Trips occurring throughout the District. This is an EXCITING time of year!

Congrats Crestwood FFA District Horse Judging Team! Way to go!

On to STATE! Though the weather did not cooperate, our CADET Boys and Girls Varsity TRACK Team gave it their ALL! Congratulations to the TEAM and to State qualifiers. Enjoy the moment

Good Luck GOLF TEAM as you begin District play! Fingers crossed for low scores and good weather. Have fun and enjoy the moment .

GREAT Instrumental Concert! What a sight, the gym full of musicians! A wonderful way to say "good bye" to Seniors and also retiring music instructor Polly Jones. GOOD LUCK to all!

A BIG "Thank You" to parents, staff and students who assisted in the selection process for the Director of Students Services: Activities and Citizenship. Your service and input is greatly valued and appreciated. Be watching for an announcement.

Learning at Howard-Winn begins with relationships!


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