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JCC May 2, 2014

Superintendent John Carver
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Teacher Appreciation Week! May 5-9, 2014

Teachers are very special individuals. They are those who have dedicated themselves to our Nation's greatest resources, our children.  

In recent time, it seems that teachers have been challenged, and their practices questioned. It is realized that the world changed and to serve kids, instructional practices must change as well. Teachers at Howard-Winn realize this and are "running hard" to reinvent themselves. Through all this change, discovery, and transformation, their number one priority has remained constant, the commitment to serve your children.

I want to take this opportunity to say how proud I am to be a CADET and am deeply humbled to serve and learn with the teachers of Howard-Winneshiek. Please know Howard-Winn teachers have my respect.
Howard-Winn Teachers ROCK!

Howard-Winn Redesign
This fall Howard-Winn will take a step forward in redesigning teaching and learning. It is important to know and understand we are ONE school district on multiple campuses. Howard-Winn Pre-Schools will be located in Elma, Lime Springs and Cresco. Grades K-3 and 5-12 will be located in Cresco and the 4th grade campus will be in Lime Springs. ONE school district on multiple campuses. 

Why redesign? Having duplicated grades on multiple campuses along with combination grade level classrooms, instructionally was not good. Flexible grouping of students based on abilities for instruction, the ability for teachers to spontaneously collaborate in "real time", and the allocation of services and support for learning could not have happened in the old structure. The new campus structure is different but is good for kids.

Campus Orientations. Plans are underway for next year's 4th graders (now 3rd graders) to visit Lime Springs. Mr. Adams, and this year's 3rd grade Team and next year's 4th grade TEAM are planning the visit. Check his Blog post for details. Next year's fourth grade TEAM "line-up" includes: Mrs. Fravel, Mr. Carter, Mrs. Hemann, Mrs. Mahr and Mrs. Kisley. Last Tuesday was "Kindergarten round up". Parents and teachers connected and students were able see their classrooms for the fall. Introductions for Fall 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th grade are under review.

Transportation. Two scenarios are emerging for Fall Bus Routes. One is that we have all students go to Cresco then a 4th grade shuttle would run to Lime Springs, the other is that there would be PK-3/5-12 bus routes and a separate 4th grade bus route. Running a 4th grade route directly to Lime Springs would mean all students, District wide, could begin their day at the same time with no loss of instruction. This could mean two buses might be stoping at one house (regular route and 4th grade route). Transportation Director Brian Swestka is working through the details. There is also a review of the feasibility of running late "activity buses". Stay tuned for details and updates.

Congratulations Crestwood FFA
Congratulations to Rachel Stika, Mike Bronner, Abby Huhe, Kate Grover, Michael Lensch, and Danielle Baldwin on earning their IOWA DEGREE! Also congratulations to FFA Ag Issues team for their 2nd place in State! Team members were Alex Hauber, Laine Fitzgerald, Kayleigh Hauber, Kaytlan Langreck, Mike Krahenbuhl, and Alex Andera. Congrats to the FFA Ag Business Management Team! They received a Gold rating, placing 17th out of 79 teams! Team members were Natalie Knobloch, Mike Bronner, Alex Andera, and Michael Lensch. GREAT WORK!

Meals from the Heartland: Howard County and Beyond!
Last Wednesday a vision was shared to "bring people of Northeast Iowa together continuing Dr. Norman Borlaug's legacy to feed the hungry".  The dream, to produce 50,000 meals during the Norman Borlaug Harvest Festival.

Partnering with Meals From the Heartland, the intent is to empower, unite and bring the region together. Young and old, rural and towns,  Elma, Lime Springs, Cresco, Chester, Riceville, Ridgeway, our mission: to help save the starving! All are invited to the party! 

To make this a reality there are two tasks: Now till September 19th: Raise funds to purchase the food product and
September 19th and 21st: mobilize manpower to package the meals!

Crestwood FFA students have already experienced packaging meals recently at the FFA Leadership Conference!

Packaged meals will be shared here in Howard County and globally. This project is an opportunity for all of us, schools and communities, town folks and country folks, Iowans and even Minnesotans, to come together to serve. 

Task 1: raising the funds for the meals. More details will follow. This is an exciting, real world opportunity to serve and make a difference.  More information will be shared with Howard-Winn staff Wednesday, May 7, during In-Service time. The intent is to reach out to ALL area students: Turkey Valley, Norte Dame, Protivin, Riceville, South-Winn, etc and invite to participate!

"Shout Outs"
  • How about this weather? Are we ever going to get to summer?
  • Congratulations Coach Sickles KIMT-3 Coach of the year! Way to go!
  • Crestwood Band Students WOW! 17 Division 1 ratings at the State Solo & Ensemble Contest. GREAT JOB!
  • PROM was wonderful! So many good looking young people and the decorations in the gym ROCKED!
  • The CO-ED Track Meet last Thursday night was Way FUN! It was GREAT to see the kids compete and have an opportunity to recognize our Seniors! A "BIG SHOUT OUT" to all the competitors and the volunteers.  
This is what learning looks like at Howard-Winn

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