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JCC May 30, 2014

District Perspective
Superintendent John Carver
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Pictured in front of the one room school house Norman Borlaug attended, the class of 2020! This fall they will be in 7th grade!
Getting ready for 2014!
Beginning now, we are getting ready for new campus grade level assignments. Last Wednesday, K-5 students and parents got a chance to visit the Howard-Winn Lime Springs and Cresco campuses to see where the "action" will be this fall. 
During the day, the class of 2023 (this fall's 4th grade) had a field trip to Lime Springs and in the evening an "ice cream" open house was held in Cresco and Lime Springs. For 2014-15 grades K-3 and 5-6 will be in Cresco and the 4th grade will be in Lime Springs.  Exciting times are on the horizon!

Last Weekly Update till August!

Summer is here, the school year is about over, and this will be the last "Weekly Update" till August. It's always such a joy to share each week the exciting teaching and learning going on at Howard-Winn. This summer will be VERY busy as buildings are cleaned, classrooms readied, and upgrades are made to the buildings. New doors on the east side of the Cresco K-8 campus, baseball / softball scoreboards erected as well as sidewalks and painting will all be happening. The District Office will be open all summer so please stop by and say "hello". Have a wonderful summer. Be sure to support the Baseball and Softball teams and .....GO CADETS! 

Beginning, Middle and End
Like a school year, everything runs in a cycle with a Beginning, Middle and End. 
Tuesday, June 3, 2014 marks the "End" of one cycle for several dedicated retiring Howard-Winn educators. Their commitment and service to the children of Howard-Winn stands as a testimonial that learning is exciting, challenging and FUN! Howard-Winn students have gained and grown as a result of having known these role models as teachers, coaches and in some cases, friends. We celebrate with you as you retire and are excited for you as you go onto your next "Beginning". You have made a difference. Best wishes to ALL!  
Growing and going. As a District, we are at the "Beginning of the Beginning" of our next chapter: to change education. We have forward momentum and are picking up speed. I believe we are well on our way of "hitting the mark" to be totally transformed by 2020, and that the class of 2020 (this fall in 7th grade) will be the best prepared kids on the planet when they graduate! As I have told folks, we have many "Norman Borlaugs" walking the halls of Howard-Winn right now.

This is an exciting adventure and I am humbled and honored to be sharing this experience with Howard-Winn students and staff. To ALL, please know you have my deepest respect and it is an extreme pleasure, both personally and professionally to learn and create with you.

Rest, recharge and get ready for what is next!

Shout Outs!
  • GREAT JOB CADETS at the State Track Meet! Very Proud of you !
  • GOOD LUCK to the Softball and Baseball TEAMS as they begin their seasons! Enjoy the moment!

Way to GO Savannah Lentz! Take STATE!

Students working up to the last day of class! Leveraging creativity, imagination and passion!  These CADETS are on the move!

CADETS in Washington D.C. 8th graders stay in touch with classmates back at Howard-Winn via TWITTER. 

Last days of learning at Howard-Winn looks like this.......

Some of the Howard-Winn Pre-Schoolers......ready to take on the world!

Have a wonderful Summer!

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