Friday, August 29, 2014

August 29, 2014

Crestwood Secondary Schools (7-12)
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Special Events for the Week of September 1-7, 2014
Monday:          Labor Day - No School
Tuesday:         Admin Meeting - 9:00 am
                        Amy Holst "Culture/Climate" - 10:00 am
                        Cabinet Meeting - 1:00 pm
Wednesday:   504 Plan Entrance Meeting - 9:00 am
                        SIAC Meeting - 6:00 pm
Thursday:       NICC Planning Meeting - 9:00 am
Saturday:       FFA Dairy Cattle CDE - West Union

Safe and Supportive Schools Project
Crestwood Secondary School was asked this past week to participate in the Iowa Safe and Supportive Schools (IS3) Initiative. The IS3 Core Team at the IDOE is passionate about improving the safety, engagement, and overall learning environment in all schools.

By choosing to participate in the second cohort of IS3 high schools, Crestwood will have access to these tools and supports: 
  • Index that uses 12 constructs to measure how your school is performing in the areas of school safety, student engagement and the overall learning environment.  The Index uses data from the Iowa Youth Survey and incident data that you submit to the Department of Education.
  • Index Report that provides extensive data on each of the 12 constructs  
  • Tool Kit that provides a step-by-step continuous improvement process to use Iowa Youth Survey, incident and other data to make decisions that will improve school climate.
  • Training to use the Adult-Student Relationships and Positive Discipline Tool-Kits (including money for travel, food, lodging, and all workshop supplies for 5 individuals). 
  • Coaches that can support and guide culture and climate work outside of the training (approximately 5 hours of coaching support each week throughout the school year).
  • Mentors from high schools that have already implemented the measurement system and developed Implementation Plans using the Tool Kits.
By choosing to participate in the second cohort of IS3 high schools, Crestwood is committing to:
  • Participate in the Iowa Youth Survey in the Fall of 2014 - already planning on administrating
  • Administer a 50 item survey to staff in your schools (e.g. teachers, administrators, janitors, coaches, etc.) in the fall/winter of 2014
  • Form Core and Youth Leadership teams (Culture/Climate Building Leadership Teams and Restorative Justice group) 
  • Send a team of individuals (typically your Core Team) to the fall (Oct. 22-23, 2014) and spring (April 22-23, 2015) trainings:
o  One administrator
o  Two teachers
o  Two other people of your choice (e.g. parent, counselor, student, coach, etc.)
  • Create and implement a plan to improve the safety, engagement, and overall learning environment at your school
What you will notice is that the commitments are already in place at Crestwood.  Being a part of IS3 can be viewed as strengthening current practice.  This is a tremendous opportunity for Crestwood as we continue to work on and improve student learning, engagement, and relationships.   

Sneak Peak 
Mr. Hilsabeck has been working hard on promoting all activities grades 7-12.  The following image is a sample of hallway banners which will be going up to promote the various opportunities for students at Crestwood.

Respect Retreat
The 4th Annual Crestwood/Youth Frontiers Respect Retreat® was held this past week for incoming freshman.  Respect Retreat inspires students to respect themselves more, to respect others and to stand up for respect in your school. The retreat reminds students that they matter, and that there is a supportive community of educators, mentors and classmates around them. Students are challenged with the message that someone acting with character does not make fun of, bully or torment anyone for any reason. Bystanders are engaged to stand up for the value of respect in your hallways, lunchlines and classrooms. Participation in the retreat results in cognitive, attitudinal and behavioral shifts that decrease students’ distractions to learning and build a positive school community.

#cadetnation is back!
Reminder:  #cadetnation Fridays are the 1st Friday of every month.  This is a way to show your Cadet spirit.  Remember to wear your #cadetnation t-shirt on Friday, September 5th.

Iowa Student Leadership Institute 
Education is changing. With Common Core taking effect, increasingly new types of standardized testing, and the integration of technology, straight row schooling is no longer a viable option. Through all this change, shouldn't we be listening to the voices that are affected most by it?

The second annual Iowa Student Learning Institute (ISLI) will be held Saturday, November 8th at Waukee High School. An innovative education conference, ISLI will provide a stage to the voice of our students with the support of our educators. This conference will spotlight a variety of sessions including keynotes from educators and leaders from all over the country and will be followed by breakout sessions in the afternoon. 

Please see Mrs. Day or Mrs. Lentz for more information.

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