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JCC August 29, 2014

District Perspective
Superintendent John Carver
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The 2014-15 school year is underway
We are a GO, the 2014-15 school year is underway! Cooks, Bus Drivers, Associates, Custodians, Secretaries, and Teachers: a BIG "Thank You" to all for your cooperation and flexibility. Your commitment and dedication to the kids is inspiring.  It is exciting to have students back in the buildings and it is cool to see everyone excited and focused on learning!  
Howard-Winn is a very special place!

School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC)
The School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC) serves as an important communication and consensus tool. Under Iowa Law (280.12) it is tasked to make recommendations on major education needs, student learning goals, long-range and annual improvement goals, and desired levels of student performance. Areas of focus include: reading, mathematics and science achievement as well as bullying, harassment and character education.

Our next meeting is 6:00 Wednesday, September 3, 2014 in the Discovery Zone at the K-8 Crestwood Campus.

Items to be addressed that evening will include:
  • Affirm the Mission / Vision statement
  • Review of the 2013-14 Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) Goals
  • AYP Goals for 2014-15
  • Academic Achievement Test results from 2013-14
Other items for consideration/conversation:
Rebrand/rename the District 
Future grade level / Campus assignment
Outcome Based Education (CBE)

This meeting is open to the public and all are welcome to attend. Your voice and perspective are valued!

K-6 iPad Roll Out
We are excited and close to deploying iPads in grades K-6. New this year is the creation of student Apple ID's for elementary students. This ID allows for the remote configuration and management of student's iPad.  What this means is that teacher selected apps can be installed and controlled remotely by the Howard-Winn IT staff. Students are no longer able to download individual apps.

This involves a three step process:
1. An email from Apple Computer is sent to parents.

2. Parents create an Apple ID and password for their child and submit it.

3. Apple computer sends a confirmation email in which the parent verifies the student's Apple ID and password. This means the parent would have to enter the student's email address and password just created and "hit" verified.

Once that is done parents need to forward the password and ID to either the classroom teacher or Howard-Winn Tech staff.

The Apple ID and password is a one time event. Only new students to the District will need to go through the process. 

Going forward, we will deploy elementary iPads once we have received the student Apple ID and password. The plan is to start Tuesday with Kindergarten to confirm ID and passwords, image iPads and deploy. 1st grade will be next, with the rest of the grades to follow.  

Teachers have been notified as to who currently has ID and passwords. Staff will follow up with those yet to complete. 

Everyones flexibility and cooperation is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU! 

Building #CadetNation
Hats-Off to staff and students leaders for facilitating the Freshman Retreat.  This was an excellent opportunity for students to network, build relationships and welcome the Freshman to #CadetNation.  CADETS FORWARD!  

Shout Outs
  • Good Luck CADET Volleyball, Football, and Cross Country TEAMS as you begin your seasons! 
  • Rock on Cheerleaders! Your spirit and enthusiasm is valued and appreciated!
  • "Give me a beat"  Excited to see the CADET Marching Band in action.  Precision, musicianship, and dedication! 

Norman Borlaug Harvest Fest 2014
September 19-21 
8th annual INSPIRE DAY for area 5th graders will be held at the Norman Borlaug Boyhood Farm on Friday, Sept 19th.

Crop Walk: Saturday, August 20!

Meals from the Heartland:100,000 Meals Packaging Event. 50,000 meals to stay in NE IOWA! Sunday, September 21st.
  • at Crestwood High School 
  • Volunteers needed to accomplish the goal of packaging 100,000 meals. 50,000 meals will be distributed here in NE IOWA! 
  • To volunteer go to: or 
  • Enter your email address: (You will not need to register an account on VolunteerSpot). 
  • Sign up. Choose your spots - VolunteerSpot will send you an automated confirmation and reminders. 
  • Note: VolunteerSpot does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact Pam Carver at 515-201-8219 and she can sign you up manually.
Closing thoughts.......
Someone once told me that in the absence of knowledge, we make up knowledge.  Please know that your questions are valued and important.  I welcome the opportunity to connect, share and learn with you. Do not hesitate to call with questions and comments.


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