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Grimm 9/19/2014

PK-1 Principal/Director of Teaching & Learning
Sara Grimm

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Tips for Parents: Supporting Your Student in Math...
For many parents, the subject of math brings back feelings of anxiety — perhaps remembering timed tests, difficult concepts, or embarrassing mistakes made in class.  If you think of math as something that other people are good at or that has no practical use, your attitude may undermine your ability to coach your child.  Take the fear and frustration out of math homework by pointing out how numbers are used in your home on a daily basis.  Start with the basicsIf math makes you nervous, try not to pass on your feelings to your child.  Share with them only what is helpful, not harmful.  You may want to rely on a tutor, older sibling, or peer tutor to help your child with math.  Begin each math homework session by asking your child to explain what he or she is supposed to do.  By their response, you'll know if they can do the assignment alone or if they need help.  If you're not around when your child completes their homework, let them know that you'll look it over when you get home.  Be sure to follow through.  Tell them you're doing this to help them, not judge them.  Encourage your child to check in with a classmate if they don't understand or miss an assignment.  When you are working with them, encourage your child to explain his or her problem-solving process so you can understand their reasoning.  You can also help by incorporating games involving numbers and math into playtime — from flash cards for learning basic math facts to board games involving money, time, and logic.  This will reinforce concepts being taught, while still making it fun to practice.  It's OK to say that you don't understand a problem. It gives you an opportunity to review the lesson together to see if you've missed an important piece of information. 

The only person who is educated is the man who has learned how to learn and change.  ~Carl Rogers

Dessel-Roach Furniture

We just wanted to say THANK YOU 
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Kindergarten Class

Title 1
Our Title 1 teachers hosted a parent and student meeting this week.  Parents got to meet their child’s teacher and receive information about the Title 1 Program and how it works.  Students completed a book box activity and got free books for their new book box.  To wrap up the night the parents and students were treated to a cookie because they are all “smart cookies”.  You should check out the challenge at  

This week preschoolers have been learning about apples and how they grow. Their dramatic play center has turned into an apple orchard, so the students are pretending to go to and work at an apple orchard. 

They also read the book Ten Apples Up on Top and worked on counting to 10. The students made their own class book page to go along with Ten Apples Up on Top where they counted out 10 apples to put on top of a picture of themselves. 
These students are counting the apples to 10 and gluing them on their picture for the class book page.

Just a reminder there is no Preschool on Thursday, September 25th because the teachers will be attending training.

Sunday, September 7th was Grandparents’ Day.  In honor of our grandparents, the kindergarten students invited their grandparents to enjoy a fruit smoothie with them at school Friday, September 12th. The kindergarten students enjoyed showing off their schoolwork by inviting their grandparents to their classrooms.

ROBOTS . . .
These three kindergarten girls are constructing an EV3 LEGO Mindstorm robot. They will complete 106 pages of instructions and use over 500 pieces to assemble their robot. Once finished they will partner up with 7th graders for the programming phase. The girls have been very excited during construction and have displayed team-working, problem-solving and communication skills.

First Grade
First graders have launched the fourth component of the daily 5, WORD WORK! Students are working with CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant) that have the short 'a' sound. Here are pictures of their first experiences doing "rainbow writing". 

Students have also been working on what makes a good friend and they wrote or drew a picture to show what a good friend does. In math they explored some of their math tools and made different patterns with them.  They have also been able to use iPads to practice their words.

This class celebrated international dot day. They read The Dot by Peter Reynolds. During this activity they learned and practiced expressing their creativity.

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