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Grimm September 12, 2014

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Sara Grimm
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Tips for Parents-reading at home. . .
Have you ever wondered what you can do at home to help your child be more successful at school? 
We often get asked this question.  As a parent you may have heard from your child’s teacher that they would benefit from more reading at home.  Are you wondering what exactly that means?  
Here are some tips to help your child with READING:

  • Provide many opportunities for your child to read books or other materials.  Children learn to read and learn to read better by practicing.  
  • Have books and other reading materials at home and have plenty of chances to read.  
  • Read aloud to your child.  Research shows that this is an important activity that parents can do to increase their child’s chance of reading success.  Keep reading aloud even when your child can read independently.
  • Make time for the library.  It is a great place to get book suggestions or ideas and to see what’s new or what other kids are reading.
  • Play games like Scrabble, Spill and Spell, Scattergories, and Balderdash together.  This will give your child an opportunity to play with words.
  • Spending time together with your child whether it be sharing a book, just talking, or watching T.V. together.  This can help them to connect with you and build your relationship so that they are more comfortable sharing things with you.
Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.  ~George Washington Carver

We are proud to have over 70 students enrolled in our district preschool program for the 2014-15 school year. The students have kicked off the school year by learning about Early Childhood Positive Behavior Instructional Supports (PBIS) through stories, discussions and role-playing. This week the preschool classes have been getting to know each other by working with their families to share photos, drawings, and facts about their family. It has been a fun and exciting experience for teachers and students. 

Preschool students lining up at the feet, with fingers on their lips, and hands on their hip. This is one of the classroom expectations we practice with PBIS! 

Teachers introduced the Daily 5 station "Work on Writing" this week in Kindergarten and there were some very excited students. Kindergarten students are already showing great working skills.  They are able to get started right away, stay in one spot, write the whole time, and write quietly.  They have built their stamina for writing to 7 minutes.

Kindergarteners have also started learning about the life cycle of the butterfly.  One of the classmates brought in four caterpillars.  Students were able to observe two of the caterpillars shedding their skin and becoming a pupa (chrysalis). We are very excited to observe the next stage of the life cycle.

First Grade
First grade students have received their iPads! They launched Listen to Reading as a part of their Daily 5 literacy structure. In math, they learned how to work cooperatively in GROUPS! Part of being able to work independently and in groups means using a good voice tone so that you don’t disturb others working nearby.  They used the iPad app called "Too Noisy" to practice keeping their voices at a medium tone! See what we can do!

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