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JCC September 19, 2014

District Perspective
Superintendent John Carver
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Kindergartener: Mr. Carver we use a "selfie" as a screensaver so we know who's iPad it is. How COOL is that!

The Howard-Winneshiek Community School District has gone through many changes in the last 9 months. From closing a school to consolidating grade levels to reassigning K-6 teachers, a lot has happened. The thing we need to realize is that we are still at the "beginning of the beginning" of what lies ahead. More change is on the horizon. That being said, despite whatever else happens, it is crucial that the focus be on providing and empowering our young people. It is all about them. The other thing to keep in mind is that our children are watching us and how we deal with change. How we conduct ourselves and handle change will be an important life lesson for them. This is an amazing time to be at Howard-Winn!

Looking Back
Looking back at over 30+ years of coaching and participating in co-curricular activities, I have been a part of championship teams and winless teams, Division 1 performance ratings and Division 2 ratings at contests, all of which helped to shape who I am today. The important life lessons were not the wins or the losses, the 1's or the 2's but my relationships with my athletes, teammates, coaches and directors/sponsors. How we came together as a team or ensemble, dealt with challenges and accomplishments, mirrored what I would face in my life. Through it all, both with frustrations and victories, my parent's constant direction to me was: Do your best, be positive and be a TEAM player.

I have the deepest respect for those who choose to participate, and those who choose to direct or coach activities. I am PROUD to be a CADET and PROUD to be a member of Cadet Nation! Do your best, be positive and be a TEAM player!

ACT Results
ACT test scores are used by Colleges and Universities as one of the entrance indicators.  This past year CADET students who took the tests scored as good or better than State averages. The RED indicates Howard-Winn's scores and the GOLD state averages. GREAT JOB students and teachers! 

2014 Dr. Norman Borlaug Harvest Fest Is HERE!
  • Friday, Sept. 19 will "kick-off" Dr. Norman Borlaug Harvest Fest festivities! 5th graders will tour and experience the Borlaug Farm and work together to package 5,000 meals!
  • Saturday all are invited to be a part of the CROP WALK and Parade! 
  • The Meals from the Heartland, 100,000 Meal Packaging Event is Sunday! Hundreds of volunteers, from all over the region are coming to Crestwood High School to make a difference. 50,000 meals to stay in the region and 50,000 to be shared globally. 
  • And don't forget the Vocal Music Omelette Breakfast on Sunday morning as well! GREAT and WONDERFUL THINGS are happening! 

In addition, please bring a nonperishable food item for the local Food Bank! 

Howard-Winneshiek is a very special place!

There are so many neat and wonderful things happening at Howard-Winn! Everyday is an adventure. It is very cool to go into classrooms and see kids and teachers excited about learning! Just another typical Monday included: students "making their mark" and sharing for international DOT DAY!

It's raining outside? Indoor recess?It's no problem for these 3rd grade and kindergarten students with the NFL Play 60 App for the iPads. Students LOVE this app and get a really great "workout"!

Monday Morning Math with Mrs. Rausch's 1st graders. MATH ROCKS! Every day of the week, students and teachers are engaged in learning! Collaboration, Creativity, and Imagination. CADETS FORWARD!

Grandparent's Day
Last Friday was Grandparent's Day at the Elementary. It was wonderful to have so many people attend and the children LOVED sharing with their grandparents! This was a very good day.

At Howard-Winn: We Enjoy the THRILL and EXCITEMENT of LEARNING!

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