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JCC September 26, 2014

District Perspective
Superintendent John Carver
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Dr. Borlaug Harvest Fest Meal Packaging Event
Last Sunday, as part of the 2014 Dr. Borlaug Harvest Fest, over 700 volunteers came forward and packaged over 125,000 meals! Thanks to the support and thoughtfulness of Lynch Livestock, 50,000+ of the Macaroni and Cheese meals will stay here in Iowa and be distributed throughout NE Iowa Food Banks.

When you include the packaging of 6,000+ meals by area 5th graders during Inspire Education Day at the Borlaug Farm last Friday, over 130,000 meals were packaged all together. 

This last weekend, as a region, from Riceville to Waverly, from Decorah to Chester, from Howard-Winn to South Winn to Turkey Valley to New Hampton, from Mitchell to Allamakee to Bremer to Chickasaw counties, everyone came together to make a difference!
With 5th grade Inspire Education Day, the CROP Walk, Car Show, Vocal Music Omelette Breakfast, Meal Packaging Event, the 2014 Dr. Borlaug Harvest Fest was a FANTASTIC event for young and old!

District Advisory Group: Listening and Learning
The District Advisory Group came from thinking and suggestions at the September School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC).  The desire is to engage patrons and seek their thinking and perspective on school related issues and concerns.  A priority going forward is to engage parents and bring more into the conversation.
1st Meeting: Wednesday, October 1, 2014 6:00 p.m. in the Discovery Zone (K-8 Campus). 
Focus/Agenda for the evening: 
  • Organization, Structure
  • Brainstorming on being inclusive and growing participation
  • Discussion on renaming the District and the Howard-Winneshiek "brand" 
John Carver, Superintendent of Schools
Sara Grimm, Director of Teaching and Learning

SIAC members are encouraged to "bring a friend"

Learning at Howard-Winneshiek
21st century learning looks like:

Kids collaborating and connecting, taking ownership in their learning. It is active and hands-on.
Really it is not about the device but on learning. Finding and connecting kid's passions and interests to learning so they see meaning. It all about developing creativity and imagination! Our future and destiny will be shaped by our children!

Howard-Winn students are quickly becoming 21st Century, global citizens. From Lime Springs and Cresco, our kids are making connections and learning globally!

Our students have unlimited potential and it is exciting to see what they will create and accomplish!!


A "shout out" to the 2014 Homecoming Court:
Emi Frohn                             Brady Bergan
Karlee Grabau                     Josh Bourassa
Kerigan Hunziker                 Mark Farlinger
Michaela Juelsgaard           Alex Hauber
Madison Sickles                  Justin Martinek
Claire Tuchek                      Tyler Thomas
Congratulations to all!

Student Enrollment at Howard-Winn On Wednesday, October 1 we take a "head count" of the students attending at Howard-Winn. Following that, staff will work through and verify/confirm the enrollment, and on October 15 "certify" the enrollment. The certified enrollment determines the amount of state aid the District will receive for the 2015-2016 school year. 

It is realized that with the closing of Elma and 4th grade parents choosing to send their children to Notre Dame and not to Lime Springs, there could be a significant drop in enrollment. This will affect funding for the 2015-2016 school year. More information will follow and will be posted in the Weekly Update.

Shout Outs!
  • It has been wonderful to hear the Band practicing in the evenings! Good Luck to the Marching Cadets as they compete in Forest City Saturday.  
  • Cadet Volleyball: Go, Spike, WIN! Have fun and enjoy the moment!
  • Cadet Football: Keep moving forward!  Continue to focus on fundamentals and TEAMWORK. You guys have my respect!
  • "Hats off" to the Cadet Cross Country TEAM for your hard work, competitiveness and for helping to package Meals last Sunday!  
  • THANK YOU to the Crestwood FFA Chapter for your servant leadership in packaging Meals last Sunday! FFA ROCKS!

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