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Terese Jurgensen, September 18, 2014

My theme for this week's blog is story telling.  Everyone loves a great story!  I believe everyone is created for something great!  My life's commitment to this belief system rises out of the epic hero genre.  I believe and am living an experience at Crestwood Community Schools where students, staff and community are on an epic journey together.  Here are some of our stories from this week!

Title One Reading  Parent Meeting

Title One teachers Tami Foster, Lynn Murray, Jan Cray and Mary Ellen Vachta
hosted an Open House for Crestwood Elementary parents and their children on Monday, September 15, 2014.  The meeting was informational, fun for children and parents walked away with information about Title 1 as well as great reading strategies for reading with their children.

Lynn Murray Gives Tips on Reading with your Children

Tami Foster Sharing about Title 1

"My favorite books to read are about football!"
I love to read books with my mom!

Before the Title One meeting began, I visited families and asked the students what their favorite books to read were. I got a variety of responses, and I have shared a few of the pictures here. I plan on incorporating more of these pictures in our blog posts over the next few months to remind us all that reading is a life-long journey and an adventure.

Mrs. P. visits Mrs. Kerian' 3rd Grade Class!

 Kim Kerian shares about her 3rd grade students who Skyped with Mrs P. on Wednesday, September 17th.   Mrs. P. was in California and is well known for her engaging stories.  Kids loved it!  She shared some of her stories, talked about where she gets ideas to write, and answered questions about reading and writing. She told the 3rd graders, "If you can tell a story you can write a story."  She was funny and engaging! 

Fourth Grade Students Pioneer Day Field Trip!

Students Engage in the Prairie Plant Walk
Our fourth grade students had an amazing Pioneer Day Field Trip. They visited a variety of local spots that were a part of our early settler's life that still remain with us today.  The outline of the field trip included visiting Hayden Prairie which you can see here, Lidtke Mill, and the City Park area where they learned about Food Webs and Iowa Trivia. When asked about the field trip, a fourth grade student reported that she felt like "Laura Ingall's Wilder from the Little House series!"

Fifth Grade Students Sign Up for Band!

Monday evening, September 15th, Crestwood Elementary was teeming with students exploring music opportunities and signing up for their new band instruments.  Our new elementary band instructor, Meghan Ringeon, who is a Crestwood graduate, must have been pleased.  I did not have an opportunity to speak with her this evening because she was very busy, must have been pleased.  The first time I met Mrs. Ringeon her passion and love for our band program was evident.  I recall her words, "Being a band member at Crestwood was one of the best parts of my life. Band teaches us so much about who we are as a person and allows us to share our story and the passions of our life through music and making music with our friends."  This may not be a direct quote, but it was the passion and her love to make music with our students here at Crestwood inspired me.  One student shares his story here: 

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