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Terese Jurgensen September 25, 2014

Terese Jurgensen (Mrs. J.)
Principal 2-6; 
Director of Special Education


"I was born into the era when crop disease often 
forced people to flee. Despite almost seven
decades of my family trying to find enough to
eat, my family had yet to escape famine's 
clutch."  ~Norman Borlaug

Norman Borlaug A Closer Look at Inspire Day 2014

  Norman Ernest Borlaug was an American biologist, humanitarian and Nobel laureate who has been called "the father of the Green Revolution", "agriculture's greatest spokesperson" and "The Man Who Saved A Billion Lives." I am ashamed to admit that I was a person who did not know who Norman Borlaug was prior to coming to live and work in Cresco, Iowa. It seems unreal to me now because Dr. Borlaug was a man whose life was heroic and one whose life inspires us all to live for  the benefit of others.  
     I had the awesome privilege of attending Inspire Day with Crestwood Elementary 5th Graders on Friday, September 19th. I have outlined some of the inspirational pictures and stories from this great day.

Our 5th grade classrooms had so much fun the entire day!  
Inspiration Day Activities
The weather was perfect for Inspiration Day! The 5th grade students joined area schools to experience and learn about Norman Borlaug's life by attending his school, visiting the family farm, taking a hayrack ride into the prairie, as well as learning about electricity and experiencing some interesting spiders and insects. 

The favorite part of the day for many of the students was having the opportunity to package Meals from the Heartland. The 5th graders packaged up approximately 6,000 meals for Third World Countries. 

Here are Two 5th Grade Students -   
Sharing About their Experience Packaging Food:

Students listened attentively to stories of Norman Borlaug

in his actual school house that had been restored and brought 

to the family farm.  
School House
One of the favorite parts of the presentation came in the form of a math lesson that outlined how many lives Norman Borlaug had saved over the course of his life. 

The story outlined that even during the final days of his life, Dr. Borlaug was concerned about the lives left to save in Africa. 

The students were challenged to become like Norman Borlaug and continue his work of feeding the world.

Surprise Visitors from Ethiopia and Algeria 

Two visitors surprised us at the event. I apologize, but I cannot spell their names, but one was a woman from Ethiopia and one was a man from Algeria. Both of them were bio-chemical engineers and they both worked for Iowa State in their plant genetics lab researching ways to make stronger, more durable plant seeds to feed the world. The woman in the video met Dr. Borlaug in Japan as a student when he spoke to her class. During this time of her life, she was searching inside herself to find her life's work.  She tells us here that Dr. Borlaug told the class that he was a part of the "Green Revolution," but that they would be a part of the "Gene Revolution." She knew at that moment, it was her calling to further Dr. Borlaug's work! Our 5th grade class plans on Skyping with her for the Bio-Technology Lab in Iowa State.  

Great Experiences!

The 5th grade students enjoyed a variety of experiences throughout the day. The top picture shows our students in the boyhood home of Norman Borlaug.  The students had an awesome opportunity to tour his home and hear a firsthand account of his life from our very own Jack Thomson who grew up with Dr. Borlaug. 

On the right, students are taking a hay rack ride and learning about prairie plant and animal life. You can see that Noah has a long stem of grass that is known as Turkey Foot and is one of the tallest grasses on the prairie. 

Meals from the Heartland
The 5th grade students from Crestwood and surrounding schools packaged approximately 6,000 meals during Inspiration Day!  On Sunday, September 21st, over 500 volunteers rallied together at Crestwood High School to package and additional 120,000 + meals. Fifty thousand of these meals stayed in North East Iowa and the remainder were sent to third world countries.

126,360 Meals from the Heartland!

Julie Wilson helps her students package meals

Hannah did a great job scooping valuable protein into
the packaged meals for 3rd World Countries!

Emily & Ben packing Meals from the Heartland on Sunday!
It was a fun, heart-warming experience - lots of singing, laughing & family!

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