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Grimm-October 10, 2014

PK-1 Principal/Director of Teaching & Learning
Sara Grimm
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 Share a Meal
You may have heard about the importance of families eating dinner together. But in our community where many people work a 2nd or a 3rd shift job eating dinner together may not always work. Other meals are important too. If you work in the evenings, maybe you could make time for a family breakfast. On a weekend make a meal together (kids love to help) or try a picnic lunch. Research shows that children who regularly eat meals together with their families tend to do better in school and avoid risky behavior.

Attendance is important!
We partner with parents in educating our children to be respectful, responsible people.  Part of being responsible in school means attending class everyday, so that learning and growing experiences won’t be missed. Please try to schedule appointments and family vacations outside of the school hours. If your child wants to stay home “just because”, remind them of what they’ll miss out on such as seeing friends or doing science experiments. Missing many days of school causes problems that can be long-lasting. Missing classwork can make it hard for a student to get caught up. The student may even get to the point where he or she can never make up the work and then has to be retained in the class the following year. Students do not get tested on everything that is taught in a class, so they could reasonably get good grades in the class but still be missing vital information and instruction. Regular attendance is important. If they’re gone, they miss out and we miss them.

An investment in knowledge and education pays the best interest.
~Benjamin Franklin

We have a wonderful new Friendship Bench out on our elementary playground. This bench can be used during recess by any student who needs a friend to play with or as a spot to gather with friends outside at recess. The bench was donated in memory of Dawn Davis Meyer. We love it and it has already been used by many students to find a friend to play with.

Cresco, Lime Springs/Chester, and Elma HW preschool classrooms all received a level 4 star QRS rating. Iowa's Quality Rating System (QRS), is a voluntary child care rating system for child development homes, licensed child care centers and preschools, and childcare programs that are operated by school districts.

QRS was developed:
  • to raise the quality of child care in Iowa 
  • to increase the number of children in high-quality child care settings 
  • to educate parents about quality in child care 

A program who achieves Level 1 has met Iowa's registration or licensing standards. A program who achieves Level 2 has received additional training and made the first steps toward improving quality. Providers in Levels 3-5 have made significant steps in meeting key indicators of quality in the areas of:
  • professional development
  • health and safety
  • environment
  • family and community partnership 
  • leadership and administration
Congratulations to our Preschool Classrooms for this awesome accomplishment!

Last week was Homecoming week and we were buzzing with excitement. First the students took part in the all school pep rally in the high school gym. Then they got to share their sack lunches in the classroom with their friends. HOMECOMING!


Healthiest State walk
Each year for the past three years, nearly 300,000 Iowans have participated in the 1-kilometer walk to show that we’re ready for a healthier Iowa. Our kindergarteners were part of the initiative as they joined in by walking the track around the playground on October 8th.

First Grade
In math our first graders have been learning about the difference between analog and digital clocks. They worked with analog clocks; specifically working with the hour hand. They made their own clocks with an hour hand only. Eventually they will discover the minute hand and practice telling time to the minute. Recently, students practiced moving their hour hand around their homemade clock and saying "one o'clock", "two o'clock", etc.......

In science the first graders have been investigating the properties of water. They learned how wind makes waves and they learned about the different forms of water.

This week was also FIRE PREVENTION WEEK! Students were visited by the local fire department. They got to see the fire truck, and the local heroes came into the classrooms and gave a presentation on fire safety! They showed students how to stop drop and roll, taught them the importance of having a fire escape plan, and talked about why it is unsafe to play with fire! The kids LOVED it!!

Here’s what’s happening at the library . . .
All elementary students are learning about and practicing being responsible digital citizens. Kindergarten and First grade students took an online field trip to the San Diego Zoo this week. They practiced sticking to a "just right" website to stay safe. They also know they need to ask parents, teachers, or a trusted adult for permission to be on the Internet, and they only talk to people they know on the Internet.

Students in grades 2-3 understand they have "Rings of Responsibility" on the Internet. The rings include a responsibility to themselves, their friends and family, and the larger community.  Ask them about the website traffic light. They will tell you if a website is green (good), yellow (caution), or red (not right for them).

Fourth and Fifth grade students have created digital citizenship posters to remind all digital citizens in our school how to be safe and responsible. Posters will be hung around the school.

Here are some 1st graders watching the panda have breakfast at the San Diego Zoo from the online field trip students took.

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