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Grimm October 17, 2014

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Has your child’s teacher referenced the Iowa Core? Did you find yourself wondering what they were talking about?  The Iowa Core is system of statewide standards for what students should know and be able to do from kindergarten through 12th grade.  It is critical to student success and to preparing tomorrow’s workforce.
The Iowa Department of Education has been hard at work on new resources to help Iowans better understand the Iowa Core standards.  These resources are available at a new, user-friendly website launched by the Iowa Department of Education.
Explore the Iowa Core enables users to search the Iowa Core standards by grade level (K-12) and subject (math, science, social studies, English language arts and 21st century skills, such as financial and technology literacy) to understand the knowledge and skills that children are expected to master.
Parents and Community  includes materials that parents and other Iowans can use to understand what the Iowa Core is, what students are expected to know and be able to do, and how parents can help at home.  I hope you can take the time to look through the website and to share this great new resource with others.
Character Counts At Howard-Winneshiek Schools!
We value good character at Howard-Winneshiek Schools! To celebrate this we will be having themed dress-up days during Character Counts Week October 20th-October 24th, 2014.   We encourage you to get excited along with your children and have conversations about what it means to be a person of character.

·  Monday 10/20th Respect Each Other and Team up Against Drugs!  It is also close to Red Ribbon week, so what better way to start off Character Counts week than by celebrating being drug free and respecting ourselves and others! Students are encouraged to wear favorite sports attire or cheer gear!

·  Tuesday 10/21st Howdy Partner!!! Let’s Hoot and Holler for Fairness! Come dressed in your cowboy and cowgirl getup to lasso up some fairness!

·  Wednesday 10/22nd Hip Hip Hooray!  We are Caring Peacemakers! Dress in your hippy wardrobe to help celebrate Caring and spread peace!

·  Thursday 10/23rd Citizens Unite!  We will be celebrating being a good citizen who contributes to our school and community. Come to school dressed for the world of work in your choice of career!

·   Friday 10/24th  Give me a “T” for Trustworthy and an “R” for Responsible! Show your school spirit by wearing your Cadet Blue!  True Blue for Trustworthiness, and being Responsible for showing Cadet Pride!

Character Counts Citizenship Project for 2014: There will be non-perishable food donation boxes at each Howard-Winneshiek School building during Character Counts Week.  Please help your students donate non-perishable food items that will help support Howard-Winneshiek families throughout the winter season.

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."  

~Albert Einstein

The preschool students have been busy learning about fire safety. They discussed what they knew about fire safety, they then had a “fire drill” and learned where to go in case of a fire here at school. The students were able to see a couple of firemen who came to school and talked about what to do in case of a fire, where to go, as well as putting on all of the gear and hearing what it sounds like with the mask on. Students were very excited to be able to see a real fire truck and go inside and look at all of the gadgets and gauges! Their dramatic play center has turned into a fire truck. Students helped paint a box red, looked at pictures of real fire trucks and made wheels, sirens, ladders, doors, and a steering wheel!   When questioned about what do we do if our clothes catch on fire? They practiced STOP, DROP, ROLL and discussed how we want to smush the fire out. They also went on a scavenger hunt around the school to see if we could find some fire safety things, such as, a fire alarm, smoke detectors, fire hydrant, and sprinklers.
During the next few weeks students will be observing and experimenting with fall objects (leaves, acorns, scarecrows and pumpkins).  They are excited to see what comes to school for this unit.

In literacy students have been discussing the five senses.  They have asked and answered the questions: Why is it important to use our senses when we come across new things? and Why should we use more than one sense when we come across something new?  Students are excited to share what they know about their five senses and how they use those senses every day.  Students have also been concentrating on initial sound fluency.  They have been working on isolating (and emphasizing) the sounds they hear at the beginning of words. 

In science they went outside to observe the shadows of their hands.  They investigated if the shadow was the same shape as their hand? Is the shadow the same size as our hand?  How can we make the shadow of our hand bigger and smaller?

Kindergarten students had a great time attending the play "Curious George" at the Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center at UNI.  What a great experience for our kids!

These student read"DOT The FIRE DOG" by Lisa Desimini and had a great time making headbands!

First Grade
First graders have been working super hard on their unit 1 inquiry projects. When they finished they posted their projects on their lockers.

These student were responsible for choosing a weekly question and answering it through the use of pictures in Pic Collage. They then had to explain their thinking by creating a voice note in showbie. They then turned the projects into QR codes which can be scanned and listened to.  
Crestwood Elementary and Lime Springs Elementary are excited about an upcoming guest presenter. Dan Wardell from Iowa Public Television will be traveling to our schools soon.  Stay tuned . . .

Title I
Are you looking for reading strategies to use with your child at home, Tips for reading at home with your child, Apps that your child can use to practice their reading skills or websites with online stories and reading games? Our expert Title I staff at Howard-Winneshiek has created a website this is the perfect resource to help your child with reading. Check it out at:

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