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October 16th, 2014

Terese Jurgensen (Mrs. J.)
Principal 2-6; 
Director of Special Education

Fall Assessments Complete

SINA Planning Year
Crestwood Elementary has been designated as a SINA School -4. What that means is that we have not met the federal requirement of having our 3rd-5th grade students 100% proficient in the area of reading. We did, however, make significant growth in the area of reading (1.74%) for student achievement as well as having our SES students and special education students off of the SINA list because of significant gains in the area of reading. One thing to pay careful attention to is that SINA status is a federal government mandate that is attached to Title 1 funding, and Crestwood Elementary is recognized by the State of Iowa as a fully accredited school.  Personally, I have never been privileged to be a part of the SINA process.  It has been a wonderful experience for me as teachers, administrators, Title 1 reading teachers and AEA support staff have planned together, reviewed data and reading curriculum as a systems-wide approach. It has been a great experience and during this planning year of SINA -4, we have made the choice and it has been board approved on 10/13/14, that we will plan for building leadership restructuring for the 2015-2016 school year.  One thing is certain, we are an innovative school, and we will achieve amazing opportunities for our students!  

To make our planning year even more successful, we are looking for parental input for our restructuring plan.  Here is the overview from the document approved by the school board:

Restructuring Action statement:  Plan for the restructuring of the leadership at Crestwood Elementary with a focus on expanding teacher leadership, responsibilities and expectations. Develop job descriptions for educational leaders that include teacher leaders, building principals, curriculum director, and Superintendent. As a result of an increase in leadership, teachers will be given expectations and be held accountable for consistent literacy instruction that will lead to an increase in student achievement.

A more extensive document is found on our webpage at: 

We truly value and look forward to all parent input to be a part of our planning year. Please respond to the Survey Monkey on our website. All comments are due by October 30th, 2014.  October 30th, 2014. 

Thank you so much for partnering with us during this important planning year!
Science Connects with Spelling
Mrs. Midthus and Mrs. Adams third grade classes have been asked to help out with a middle school science research project. Anna Ptacek, a Howard-Winneshiek Middle School, student is working on a project for our school’s science fair. She has asked the question, “Does classical music help increase test scores.” Anna sought out our classes to test her hypothesis. We thought it would be a great way to help Anna, review high frequency writing words, and also have the third graders experience the scientific method in action.

Unique Learning Opportunities:

Jessica Cummings writes a quote from a student's favorite book
on Mrs. Kerian's READING WALL. Students in 6th grade are
working on Genre's of Books - Currently they are reading a
selection from Gary Paulsen - a personal favorite!
6th Grade Students our "Voracious" Readers!
This was a quote for the Reading Wall!

Pictured here are 4th grade students at Lime Springs working on
Math Aps during their Daily 4 of Math Learning.  These amazing
students are from Pam Jackson's classroom!

Fire Prevention Week
October 6th - October 10th
Two 4th grade students and 2 preschool
students won a ride in the fire truck
for the Coloring Contest!
Fire Prevention Week was an exciting event at Crestwood Elementary Schools. The second graders walked down to the fire station to visit the fire trucks and learn about fire safety. Firetrucks and firemen also visited Crestwood Elementary School where our PK-1st Grade students also learned how to "stop - drop - & roll!" On Friday, October 10th, Lime Springs students held a Fire Drill and all of the preschool and the 4th grade students evacuated the building in 1:06! The firemen were impressed and stated so during a fire safety assembly held where 2 fourth graders were awarded "best evacuation plan" and 2 preschoolers were coloring contest winners.
PreSchool and 4th Grade Students take a picture with a Fire Truck!

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