Friday, October 10, 2014

Terese Jurgensen 10/10/2014

Terese Jurgensen (Mrs. J.)
Principal 2-6; 
Director of Special Education

Literacy Focus
I have always loved to read. In fact, one of my favorite memories growing up was when my mom and I would sit on our porch during the summer, reading books side by side. My love for reading is probably the number one reason I became an English - Language Arts Teacher. Sadly, not everyone has had the opportunities that I, and possibly, you, the reader, has had. When No Child Left Behind began in 2001, I vividly recall reading an article that gave the shocking facts that many children grow up in homes with few if any books. In fact, these same families usually don't have a very large vocabulary and speak very few words compared to families who have lots of books and possibly are college graduates. This doesn't make people with few books less valuable or important, but it does make it much more difficult for their children coming to school to learn to read. No Child Left Behind mandated that all children across the nation would be 100% proficient on state-wide assessments (ours is the Iowa Assessments or ITBS) by 2014. Crestwood Elementary, along with an overwhelmingly vast majority of schools are just not there. Having said that, last year we made great gains on our Iowa Assessments, and we are excited about our focus on literacy strategies being implemented with and for our students.

Protected Literacy Block:
  1. All students at Crestwood Elementary have a protected literacy block for 90 minutes every day. This is direct reading instruction using reading strategies to support all students in their area of need and growth.
  2. Cadet Time: Cadet time is our intervention block where students are broken into smaller groups and specific research-based strategies are used to improve students' fluency and/or comprehension.
  3. Multi-Tiered Systems of Support: We have structured intervention blocks where student data is reviewed and interventions for Academics or Behavior is reviewed and tiered supports are implemented for student achievement. 
Miss Kerian discusses literature with her 4th graders at Lime Springs

Teachers work on Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Crestwood Elementary

Technology is utilized to open the students to a world of books!

                Shout Out!
                 Keith Anderlik - Elementary Success Program Coordinator
For this week's update, I would like to give a "Shout Out!" to Keith Anderlik. Keith is our elementary Success Coordinator and he does so many excellent supports for our students. Every morning and after school, he is meeting with several students with a "Check-In; Check-Out" program. He helps our students focus, behave appropriately and be successful at Crestwood. Mr. Anderlik is a huge part of helping students learn to read and have a great school day!       

Stomp Out Bullying!
Crestwood Elementary participated in the nation-wide campaign to Stomp-Out Bullying on October 6th, 2014. Bullying has become an epidemic in our country and you can see from Julie Wilson's 5th grade class's portrait that there are lots of ways to stop bullying by being a good citizen and caring about others. When you Stop a bully - you will be a HERO in someone's life. Research proves that if just one person will stand up for their friend and tell a bully to STOP! It will STOP in 10 seconds or less! Be an UPSTANDER -not a Bystander!

Cadet Pride!
Our elementary students were filled with Cadet Pride last Friday during the homecoming football game.  I would like to say that I was very proud of our students as they sat on the bleachers and had fun cheering on the Cadets!  Homecoming was a great week, and some of our elementary students are shown here shouting out for our team!  Go Cadets!


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