Friday, October 3, 2014

Terese Jurgensen - Elementary Principal 2-6; Director of Special Education

Great things are happening at Crestwood Elementary!

Terese Jurgensen (Mrs. J.)
Principal 2-6; 
Director of Special Education

How Full is Your Bucket?
When I first arrived at Crestwood Elementary I noticed something in all of the classrooms that I had never seen before. Each and every classroom had little silver buckets with students' names on them. I wondered what they were and when asking teachers their reply was: "These little buckets symbolize how we are bucket fillers at Crestwood." Bucket fillers are people who encourage us, support us, and are positive people with the attitude of making every interaction they have with people an opportunity to "fill their bucket." In other words...make their life better by being a blessing in their lives! What an awesome opportunity and wonderful responsibility, because when we fill other peoples' buckets we are filling our own! This is a challenge to me, and I pass it on to each of you. Go out and fill peoples' buckets today! It is my hope that my very brief overview of great things that are occurring at Crestwood Elementary will fill your bucket today!

"Shining a Light for what is Right" This is a great story to read with your children!

Introducing....... Mary Watt!
As the special education director for Howard-Winneshiek Schools, I would like to introduce our special education teachers and highlight learning strategies that are making a difference in the lives of our students. Mary Watt is our second grade case manager at Crestwood. This week I had the opportunity to observe Mary as she employed some amazing strategies using technology that teaches social skills to her students. It was awesome! The students were actively engaged while learning social strategies to communicate better by understanding non-verbal strategies and how to interact better with peers and adults. Mary is a bucket filler and every day she is so positive and encouraging to every student, parent and staff member at Howard-Winneshiek Schools!

Homecoming Week 2014 - Go CADETS!Here are some great photos from Spirit Week

Homecoming week has been a lot of fun at Crestwood Elementary! As you can see we had some new teachers this week. On Monday, Dress up like your favorite character day, substituting for Heather Suckow (5th grade) was "Thing One" from Dr. Suess's the Cat in the Hat. We were also surprised that "Super Woman" came to teach us instead of our wonderful teacher, Kris Voves (1st grade). Finally, I wasn't really sure how a "Hippie" from the 60's showed up for our middle school guidance counselor, but he was as positive and motivating as Mr. Sickles always is! This has been my first experience having elementary students take part in Homecoming activities, and it has been wonderful! We are looking forward to our Cadet Assembly today followed by the Homecoming Parade and football game tonight. Go Cadets!

Chip Shoppe Fundraiser Starts Today!
The Chip Shoppe Fundraiser started on Thursday, October 2nd. We had a wonderful assembly that kick-started our event and the kids had a lot of fun learning about why we fundraise and how to do it safely (never ask a stranger!). Chip Shoppe is a wonderful support to Crestwood Elementary School and all proceeds go to educational field trips for our students. We appreciate all of the support the area community parents, families and friends so generously give to allow these field trips to happen!

Krista Tuchek shown here while her class celebrates!
Great Prizes will be won!
Fun Interaction with the Students!

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