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Terese Jurgensen 11/20/14

Terese Jurgensen (Mrs. J.)
Principal 2-6; 
Director of Special Education

Mr. Carver Visits the White House!
An exciting event took place this week for Howard-Winneshiek Community Schools. John Carver, our superintendent, was invited to Washington D.C. by the U.S. Education Department. He was recognized as one of 100 superintendents from across the United States for his leadership in helping to transition their districts to digital learning. The conference brought together officials from across America to share with one another and the Education Department promising approaches to using technology in classes. Before he left, Mr. Carver invited Crestwood Elementary's 3rd - 6th grade classrooms to Skype with him from Washington! I videotaped two small pieces of this exciting experience as seen from Crestwood Elementary's Discovery Center on Tuesday, November 18th.

In this first video the students are getting settled in the Discovery Center at Crestwood. One student commented that this was, "Cool!", that their superintendent got invited to the White House. Another student told me, "This is a very important event for Crestwood Schools!"

Mr. Carver walked the students through the National Mall where they saw the Washington Monument. The students asked him questions and one student asked him if, he had "been to all of them?" Mr. Carver told the student, "Yes", but he spent the next day at the most prestigious building of them all! - The White House! At the White House, he had the opportunity to shake the hand of President Obama and share out about great things happening at Howard-Winneshiek Community Schools at the ConnectEd Summit!

5th Grade Writing
Shown here is Kyleigh Foster, one of our 5th grade students who is working on an innovative writing project. The 5th graders are writing a novel because November is "Novel Writing Month,"and then they share their writing with a Luther College student through Skype. Kyleigh tells us here about how writing is a process and it is not always easy. I love that they are writing down their thoughts and using their voices! The additional element of partnering with Luther College students is super exciting!

Shout Out!
Becky Todora 
Julie Wilson, 5th grade teacher writes:
"I just want to sing the praises of paraprofessional, Becky Todora. She does a fantastic job EVERY day of the week. She helps all of the students in our class transition and to be successful, as well as her one-on-one student that she works with. This past Monday I asked if she would join Linda Walter, Becky Halverson, and myself in a parent/teacher conference. She came back to school on Monday night to participate with us. She is truly dedicated to her one-on-one student and to ALL who attend Crestwood Elementary. Thought you all should know."

Becky Todora - just one of our amazing associates
working hard for kids at Crestwood Elementary!

English Language Learners
Howard-Winn is excited to introduce Alicia Soukup as our ELL coordinator/teacher for our school district. This is Mrs. Soukup's first year with the district, and we are excited to have her working with our English Language Learners! In just a few short weeks, she has worked her teaching talents with our students whose first language is not English. Mrs. Soukup also teaches special education, coaches basketball as well as reaching out to our ELL students! 

Alicia Soukup our ELL Coordinator is shown here with Ling  and her family! 

Sadly, Ling is moving away from Cresco. We will miss her! 

Students begin learning math before the school day starts! Shown here are 1st grade students who line up in the hallway to work on math aps before the school day begins!


Thank You!
A big Thank You to all of the parents and caregivers who attended our parent-teacher conferences on Monday, November 17th and Thursday, November 20th. We really enjoyed meeting with all of our families and sharing out important information regarding your child(ren) and their educational progress. Please never hesitate to call or email us with any of your questions, concerns, or information! We are here to serve you and to ensure your child(ren) a quality, 21st Century, education!

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