Friday, November 7, 2014

Terese Jurgensen - November 7th

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Terese Jurgensen (Mrs. J.)
Principal 2-6; 
Director of Special Education

Focus on Literacy!
November is declared as National Reading Month! At Crestwood Elementary, every day is focused on literacy because if a child cannot read, their chances of having a full and happy life are severely limited. I have always believed that all parents love their children and truly desire their children to have a better life than their own. A great education starts at home, and as we partner together, our students, your children, will become not only excellent readers, but life-long learners! 

     Looking at Literacy
 Crestwood ~ Lime Springs/Chester Elementary

Mrs. Branum, Art Teacher, combines Art w/ Reading!
     Mrs. Midthus teaches students inferencing text. 
                                                      Students Share Books

Daily 5 Literacy Circles

Reading Buddies

Multi-Grade Level Read Alouds

Drop Everything & Read!

Learning to spell with Sensory Strategies!

Mrs. Rauch and 1st Grade Students Reading

Shout Outs!
This week's Shout Out! goes to our student teacher, Andrew Withers, from Luther College. Mr. Withers will be at Crestwood our first semester of the 2014-2015 school year. During his first weeks of school, Andrew taught in our junior high and during his final weeks he is working alongside with Mrs. Kerian in 3rd Grade. As an educator and principal, I am impressed with Mr. Withers positive attitude, willingness to go above and beyond for kids and student-centered learning strategies. Thank you, Mr. Withers!

Mr. Withers teaching small group reading centers
10 Tips to Inspire Your Children to Love Reading:
1.  Model Reading: One of the best memories I have as a child is to read alongside and with my mom. I remember her reading to "her tribe" (there were 4 of us) the book, "Old Yeller." She was sobbing as she tried to read the final pages of that heart-wrenching book. When adults read - children follow.

2.  Encourage Reading Outside of Books: We inspire reading when we read signs in grocery stores, high way signs and cereal boxes! Don't make reading with kids a chore - make it spontaneous & fun!

3.  Read Your Childhood Favorites: Your children will love what you loved as a child. Another great idea is to sit down with your children and read cook books, sports magazines and special interests.

4.  Take Field Trips to the Library: Libraries are great places to take your children to "story hour". Check out special interests and check out great books that you may not own. . . Speaking of Libraries, let's help Cresco Public Library Celebrate 100 Years!

A huge thank you to all of the parents, grandparents, families and friends of Howard-Winneshiek Community Schools who purchased Chip Shoppe Goodies! Your support of our school has helped raise over $19,000 for learning opportunities for elementary students!            

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