Friday, December 12, 2014

Hilsabeck 12/12/14

Activities Director/Dean of Students
Brian Hilsabeck
Twitter: @BrianHilsabeck


Monday 12/15:  JV Wrestling @ Postville 4:30

                           Financial Aid Night HERE 7:30
                           JH Wrestling @ Waukon 4:15
Tuesday 12/16:  JV/V GBB HERE vs. Oelwein 6:15
                           9th/JV/V BBB @ Oelwein 5:00
                           7th & 8th GBB HERE vs. SW (1 game per grade) 4:15
Wednesday 12/17: 

Thursday 12/18:  Wrestling JV/V @ New Hampton 5:30
                             JV/V GBB @ MFL Mar-Mac 6:15

Friday 12/19:  Varsity Wrestling @ Waterloo Tournament
                         7th GBB @ Osage 4:15
                         8th GBB HERE vs. Osage 4:15

Saturday 12/20:  Varsity Wrestling @ Waterloo Tournament
                            9th/JV/V BBB HERE vs. Dike N/H 1:00

Sunday 12/21:  Cresco Youth Wrestling Club Tournament HERE at the HS 10:00 a.m.

Our new program that is being implemented grades 7-12 will help our daily climate and sustained culture over time.  Thank you to all the members of the group who volunteer your time in the mission of making our school more inviting and a safe welcoming place to be. 

Thank you to all the fans for coming and supporting our winter sporting events!

Strong teams thrive on and stick to their strengths, all while sticking together through the tough times.


As we continue ahead in our winter activities, we support and encourage our students and fans to be great role models while modeling positive sportsmanship both on and off the playing grounds.

Have a great week and GO CADETS!


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