Friday, December 19, 2014

Hilsabeck 12/19/14

Activities Director/Dean of Students
Brian Hilsabeck
Twitter: @BrianHilsabeck


January 2- JV/V BBB HERE vs. West Central 5:00

January 3- 9/10 GBB HERE (JH) vs. DNH 12:00 (Time Change)

                  JV GBB HERE (HS) vs. DNH 12:00 (Time Change)
                  V GBB HERE (HS) vs. DHN 1:30 (Time Change)
                  Varsity Wrest. HERE vs. SW, FMC, Wau, SA   5:00

 Our goal at Howard-Winn is to get students involved in activities and prepare them the best we can for their future endeavors.

 Parents and Fans- We thank you for your positive support!  

 Our coaches are dedicated to our student/athletes getting better each and everyday.  The extra time they put in especially during the off seasons is too often unnoticed, yet very appreciated by those who do notice.

 HUGE thank you to our Booster Club for the new scoreboards and EVERYTHING they do for our school and our students.

 Student support at games are always fun to see.  They have fun while supporting the Cadets.  We encourage our fans to actively support our teams while staying positive at all times.

 Mr. Felderman supporting the Cadets and Neon Night.

 Great reminder for all of us that being positive is a MUST.

 T.E.A.M.- Together Everyone Accomplishes More

 Congratulations to Mark Farlinger and Justin Martinek for their accomplishment of 2014 Academic All-State.  These students must maintain a 3.75-4.0 during their participation of the specific sport.


Summary of Scholarship Rule, 281—IAC 36.15(2)
The following requirements were effective 7-1-08:
  • A student must receive credit in at least 4 subjects at all times.
  • A student must pass all and make adequate progress toward graduation to remain eligible.
  •  If a student is not passing all at end of a final grading period, student is ineligible for first period of 30 consecutive calendar days in the interscholastic athletic event in which the student is a contestant. There is no requirement that the student competed in the sport previously. Students in baseball or softball have the same penalty as all other students.
  • If a student is not passing all at any check point (if school checks at any time other than the end of a grading period), period of ineligibility and conditions of reinstatement are left to the school.
  • Schools must check grades at the end of each grading period; otherwise, a school determines if and how often it checks grades.
  • A student with a disability and an IEP is judged based on progress made toward IEP goals.
  • The ability to use summer school or other means to make up failing grades for eligibility purposes not available. The rule now also requires that all original failing grades (even those re-mediated for purposes other than athletic eligibility) be reported to any school to which the student transfers.
With the end of the Semester, above is the state scholarship rule that is in effect for students who earn a failing grade(s).

Continue Ahead Cadets and have a wonderful Holiday Break!

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