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JCC Dec. 12, 2014

District Perspective
Superintendent John Carver  
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Thursday, December 11, 2014:  Using school issued technology to connect, create and learn globally! CADETS Forward! 

School Finance
Insight from Business Manager and Board Secretary Clint Farlinger 

Iowa School Finance is a complex system that has no equal in the non-educational world. Virtually all funds received by the District are restricted in how they can be spent. Think of these funds in terms of buckets. Except for a few isolated items and circumstances, the contents of these buckets cannot be moved between buckets.

The bucket that gets the most attention, and the most funding, is the General Fund. This is the funding received to pay teachers, buy books, heat buildings, transport students and pay for most all other instructional and operating costs you can think of. Approximately 90% of General Fund revenues come from a combination of property taxes and state aid. This is the bucket that we are concerned about. State aid is based on a "per pupil" basis. Fewer kids means less funding.

The next largest bucket is the capital expenditures bucket made up of the Property Plant and Equipment Levy (property taxes and income surtax) and SAVE (state penny sales tax). These funds can only be used for facilities, buses and technology.

The General Fund is the one of concern. Moving forward, the District focus is on reducing expenditures in the General Fund. Stay informed and up to speed by reading the Weekly Update.

Board Work Session:
Monday, December 15, 2014
7:00 Crestwood High School Media Center
The Board will review the financial condition of the District and options for reductions.  The public is invited to attend and observe.  No actions will take place but brainstorming, recommendations and actions will be discussed.  

Howard-Winn awarded $10,000 IS3 Grant
Howard-Winn has been awarded a grant to focus on creating a positive school culture and building relationships. Director of Student Services Brian Hilsabeck and 8th grader Hope Dohlman presented to the Board of Education the aspects of the work to be done and the unlimited potential of the project! 

For more information go to:

BROADBAND Internet Access
BROADBAND Internet access is the equalizer that will change the equation.  Like electricity, paved roads, and the railroads, BROADBAND Internet access impacts business, education, industry, health care, it changes everything.  These videos lift BROADBAND MATTERS! 
BROADBAND MATTERS: Economic Development 
BROADBAND MATTERS: Information Connectivity 
BROADBAND MATTERS: Health Care        
BROADBAND MATTERS: Government Services
Stay tuned. More information will follow.  

You’ve seen the craze for learning code. But what exactly is coding? Coding is what makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps and websites. Your browser, your OS, the apps on your phone, Facebook, and this website – they’re all made with code.

During the month of December, Howard-Winn students K-12, are learning the mathematical concepts and logic that go into creating code.  VERY COOL!

Howard-Winn students are FUTURE READY! 

  • EXCITED for the 2014 version of the Madrigal Dinner! Food, Fun and Frolic! 
  • TEAM WORK and Hustle! CADET Boys and Girls Basketball, keep moving FORWARD!
  • HARD WORK and Dedication is CADET wrestling!  Good luck in tournament action this weekend! 
  • WOW, What talent!  The Vocal and Instrumental music concerts ROCK!  Tis the season!
  • A BIG SHOUT OUT to Mr. Lentz and the CNC students for making the "yo-yos" and the Arctic Cat Badges. These were given to members of the Governor's STEM Executive Council at their meeting last week at Vermeer Manufacturing. They were all "blown away"! 
  • Enjoy the moment and the excitement that is CADET NATION!  
This is what learning looked like this past week at Howard-Winn........


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