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Terese Jurgensen 12/11/14

Terese Jurgensen (Mrs. J.)
Principal 2-6; 
Director of Special Education     

Celebrating the Arts!
It has been an exciting week celebrating the arts at Howard-Winn with our 4th Grade Steel Drums Concert, 5th & 6th Grades Band Concert and the 2nd & 3rd Grades Music Concert. We have been blessed to have Meghan Ringoen, our new band teacher and Schuyler Bieber, our new music teacher, sharing their gifts and talents with our students and community. I am excited to showcase these magical moments on our weekly Howard-Winneshiek Update for the week of December 5th - 12th.

Musical Notes on Steel Drum

4th Grade Students Prepared to "Play the Drums!"
Lime Springs Showcase 4th Grade Steel Drums Concert!

Mrs. Jurgensen & Schuyler Bieber

with them.
Howard-Winneshiek is one of three elementary schools in the State of Iowa who proudly play a choral of steel drums. In just a short time of six hours of practice, from September through August, Mr. Bieber taught our 4th grade students to play a host of songs from Hot Cross Buns to Eidel Weis, a personal favorite. To start the concert, Mr. Bieber had a fun and humorous skit prepared as one of the students marched up to Mr. Bieber and declared that "Playing steel drums is a challenge - Let's invite some parents up to try playing with the students." That is exactly what they did! Several of the students went into the crowd and brought back parents and grandparents to practice Hot Cross Buns along with them.

Mrs. Kisley's 4th Grade "Steel Drum Players!"

Mrs. Widell's (previously Ms. Kerian) class shown above, were having a good time sharing and relaxing prior to the Lime Springs "Steel Drum" concert on December 5th. Shown to the right is Mr. Carter's 4th grade class who were working on their IPAD's prior to the concert. Every student looked their very best for their parents of the Howard-Winneshiek Community School District!

Art Showcased at Lime Springs
Mrs. Branum, our elementary art teacher had the students work on self-expression artistic works prior to the Steel Drum Holiday Concert in Lime Springs. The artwork was beautiful and was showcased across the gymnasium for parents and family members to enjoy!

Mrs. Ringoen Conducts
5th & 6th Grade Holiday Band Concert 

5th Grade Band Concert - Directed by Meghan Ringoen
Earlier this year, I was observing Mrs. Ringoen's 5th grade band class, and I was really impressed! I told her that I was really "looking forward to the Holiday Band Concert." To my surprise, there was not one scheduled, but Mrs. Ringoen went to work! She got a concert scheduled and it was fantastic! The 5th grade band played first, and it was comprised of 55 fifth grade students. This is double in size from previous years, and Mrs. Ringoen has the gift to bring out the best in her students! I spoke with one 5th grade parent and she reported, "I am looking forward to the exciting years ahead!" One of the highlights for the 5th grade was seven rounds of "Good King Wenceslaus" with different choral rounds of the song played by specific band instruments such as the Flute Section playing along with the percussion instruments and so on...Very exciting! The 6th grade band was phenomenal. One 5th grade student, remarked that, "They were so good!" And they were! The 6th grade played two musical numbers - performed with grace and excellence! It truly inspired everyone attending for the upcoming holiday season!
Mrs. Ringoen prepares students for the concert Monday, 12/8/14

Second & Third Grade Music Concert
The program for the 2nd & 3rd grade Holiday Music Concert was held on Thursday, December 11th. The holiday songs for the concert were the following:
Schuyler Bieber conducting the 2nd & 3rd Grade Holiday Concert

The program for the 2nd & 3rd grade Holiday Music Concert was held on Thursday, December 11th. The holiday songs for the concert were the following songs.  In a world that has gone away from the traditional holiday concert, the "Jingle Bells" were ringing at Howard-Winnishiek!

Joy to the World  -  Grades 2/3
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - 2nd grade
Twelve Days of Christmas -  3rd grade 
Kling Glocken  -  2nd Grade 
Carol of the Bells - Grades 2/3 
Feliz Navidad  -  3rd grade                                                                    
Up on the Housetop  -  Ethan Matt 
Jingle Bells   -  2nd & 3rd Grade
Oh’ Christmas Tree  - 3rd Grade
We Wish You a Merry Christmas!  -   2nd & 3rd Grade

Shout Out!
My weekly "Shout Out!" goes out to two amazing women in our school district who are associates, making a difference in the lives of our kids! Pictured below are Kim Witt and Holly Palo. These lovely women daily keep our kids safe during bus entry & exit, lunch time, recess time and in our classrooms. These ladies have also been a blessing to our staff by creating heartwarming events such as preparing our workroom for Carrie McCarville's baby shower and reaching out to special needs students and their families. Thank you Holly & Kim for the blessing you bring to our school district with your gifts & talents!

Holly Palo & Kim Witt

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