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Grimm 1/9/2015

PK-1 Principal/Director of Teaching & Learning
Sara Grimm

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Do You Read Aloud to Your Kids?
Researchers agree reading aloud is the single most important activity parents, grandparents, and caregivers can do to promote early brain development and lifelong learning success.  Unfortunately, fewer than half of the children under age 5 in our country are read aloud to every day. Nationally at current kindergarten readiness levels, over the next decade, 15 million children will start school at the lowest level of learning readiness - putting them at greatest risk for reading delays and school failure. Http://

Snow Day Activities
With all the snow days that we’ve had recently I thought some suggestions about how to spend the day might be useful. Here are a few suggestions for sprinkling some reading and writing in-between sled rides and hot chocolate.
1.   Getting ready for any winter storm usually includes a trip to the grocery store. Use these simple ideas to focus on vocabulary and math skills at the grocery store.
2.   Do you subscribe to a newspaper? If so, dig out the paper from the snow, and try a few of these newspaper ideas for developing research and comprehension skills. It might be fun to write a review of your favorite sledding hill or creating a recipe for the best hot chocolate.
3.   Time on your hands means a chance to take a fresh look at your home library. Spend an afternoon with your child sorting through books and organizing them in a meaningful way. Donate any books they’re ready to part with and make some room for new ones!
4.   Ready to get creative? Let your creativity flow by thinking like an inventor. Being curious and making mistakes are all part of the fun.
5.   Last, don’t forget to spend time reading aloud. This one activity can make a huge difference in your child’s literacy growth. Remind yourself of some of the simple yet powerful things to do while you read aloud.

"We all need someone who inspires us to do better than we know how." ~~ Anonymous

Preschoolers had a wonderful holiday break. They were excited to start their second semester in preschool! This week they stayed busy reconnecting with peers, sharing stories about their holiday break, journaling about their favorite gifts, and reviewing classroom rules and routines. Over the next few weeks they will be starting a classroom study about snow/winter. The preschoolers have already shared some fascinating knowledge about snow and have a few questions they would like answered...Why is snow soft when you jump in it one day, but hard the next time you jump in it?...Is it OK to eat the snow?...Why can’t I build a snowman each day I play in the snow? They are looking forward to researching these questions and doing some experiments to discover the answers!

Our preschoolers are working hard to practice these skills:
• Shapes & Colors            • Number recognition & counting
• Letter recognition & letter sounds   
• Personal information (name, birthday, age, address)
• Dressing Skills: snapping, zipping, putting on gloves/mittens, & shoes
Kindergarteners are excited to be back at school. They were busy talking about the new year being a time to set goals. They were busy reviewing some “I can” statements (things and tasks that they are able to do now as kindergarteners that they couldn’t do last year). They also celebrated the things they learned how to do first semester. Then they made snowmen with goals written on stars. ("Reach for the stars in 2015!") Some examples are: I want to read better. I can write my name. I can name my shapes. I want to count to 100. 

The kindergarten teachers want to thank families for all their support through volunteering, gifts, donations to the classroom, helping their kids with homework, etc.

A big part of kindergarten learning is Literacy. During our literacy blocks the students are involved in inquiry groups. During these groups, the students take turns sharing their ideas about the topic being studied. They begin brainstorming questions like, “What more do you want to know about this?” They then make a list of their questions as they brainstorm. Then they organize their ideas and questions, research the answers and then create projects to showcase their learning.

Inquiry Project: Where do we live?

Thank you 6th grade for presenting 'Twas the Night Before Christmas readers theatre. The students loved it!

What a great time with a high school volunteer making snow with science loving kindergarten learners.

Read to self is going strong

First Grade
Stuck at home on a cold day?? No problem for first graders! Mrs. Rausch posted a challenge on their class Facebook page (Fun-Tastic First Graders) to students. She asked them to log-in to the classroom account and write a blog post about how they are spending their day off from school! Not only did students write a post about their days, but they are literally having conversations and asking questions to each other. Check out the pictures below:

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