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JCC January 23, 2015

District Perspective
Superintendent John Carver  
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It is exciting to see how technology is seamlessly integrated into 2nd grade learning. Just think what these kids will be creating and learning when they are seniors at Crestwood High School! 

Our future is bright with unlimited potential. Very PROUD of the students and teachers!  

CADETS courageously moving FORWARD!  

FOUR locations. ONE day of powerful learning: Saturday, January 31, 2015
EdCampIowa is for educators, students, parents, board members, policymakers, community members, and anyone who cares about education. The focus is how to embed technology: laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices, into instruction. The design of the experience is to exchange ideas and thinking on transforming teaching and learning. And yes it is ALL FREE!
  • Northeast - AEA 267 (Cedar Falls)
  • Southeast - South East Junior High School (Iowa City)
  • Southwest - Thomas Jefferson High School (Council Bluffs)
  • Central - Southview Middle School (Ankeny)
Visit for more information and to register! 

Moving Forward: Howard-Winn
Last week in the "State of the State" address, Governor Branstad proposed a 1.25% increase in state aid to K-12 education. Scenarios we have been modeling assumed a 3% increase in funding. 1.25% increase is not good for the District. For the 2015-16 school year the District will qualify for the Budget Guarantee. What this means is that because of a decline in enrollment, our budget for 2015-16 will be "guaranteed" to be the same as the budget for 2014-15. The difference is made up by an increase in property tax. This helps for 2015-16, but 2016-17 does not look good.  

The increase in state aid has to pass the House of Representatives, the Senate, and then the Governor needs to sign it into law. All three have to agree. No full vote of the House has been taken yet. It is my understanding that House Republicans support the 1.25% increase and the Democrats do not. Now is the time to contact our representatives at the State House.

Josh Byrnes represents our region in the House of Representatives.

Mary Jo Wilhelm is our State Senator. Her Facebook address is:

It is important to share your perspective. I believe Rep. Byrnes and Sen. Wilhelm to be good people and I appreciate their service. An increase in funding at only 1.25% will deeply impact Howard-Winn. 

Howard-Winn Elma Campus
There have been ongoing conversations on the direction forward with the Howard-Winn Elma campus. Board Members Doug Berg and James Kitchen met with representatives of the Elma Daycare this past Tuesday. There was a positive exchange of thinking.  

There will be a Special Board Meeting on Monday, January 26, at 7:00 p.m. at Crestwood High School. At that time a recommendation will be made to cease all operations in Elma and move forward to transfer/sell the Elma campus. There is a legal process/protocols for the transfer/sale of public property. In the event the motion carries to transfer/sell the Elma campus, more information will follow in next week's update.  

Innovative Zone Consortium
With every step forward, new opportunities emerge. As has been shared, Howard-Winn is building relationships with Turkey Valley, New Hampton, and South Winneshiek. With the same school calendar and same/similar secondary daily schedule, possibilities of shared instruction and flipped classrooms are emerging. In talks with Turkey Valley and South Winn, the group could apply to become an "Innovative Zone Consortium". This would be BIG! It would grant us latitude from state mandates and requirements. A BIG SHOUT OUT to TV/SW Superintendent Clark Goltz and his TEAM for bringing this thinking forward! We are better together!

  • Impressive MATH presentation: Mr. Steffen, Mr. Blythe, Mr. Sorenson and student, Harry Kitchen, did a GREAT JOB sharing with the Board of Education on 6-8th grade math curriculum.  
  • It was a BIG week of wrestling! GREAT JOB MFL Tournament champions: Michael Millage, Brandon Mayer, Chase Lienhard, Trae Pecinovsky, and Neil Clement. A special shout out to Tyler Thomas voted Outstanding Wrestler. ALSO great TEAM effort with the win over Decorah!
  • CADET BASKETBALL continues to move forward! EXCITEMENT and HUSTLE.

Learning at Howard-Winn last week looked like..........

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