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February 13, 2015 JCC

District Perspective
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It is wonderful to walk through the District and see kids excited about learning and wanting to share what they are creating.  How cool is this? Using a "selfie" picture as a way for students to identify their school issued iPads.  This is truly an example of innovation and imagination.  CADETS FORWARD!

CADETS are on the MOVE!

Leadership from Turkey Valley, South Winneshiek and New Hampton along with NICC, are in constant conversations on how to collaborate, provide unlimited educational choices for students while at the same time reduce costs. At this time, emerging thinking is that elementary grade level class sizes are optimum. That being said, focus is on creating hybrid classes/instruction and utilizing technology/distance learning at the secondary. With all four Districts being 1:1 at the high school, there are unlimited possibilities. 

We have a "system" problem, not a "people" problem.
With enrollment and funding challenges, the need and urgency for change is now.  The District's viability to survive rests on how well we can adapt and change.  One thing is certain, what once was, will not now, or in the future be.  Howard-Winn will go forward with those who want to move in a new direction.    

Riceville Exchange Zone
Under Iowa open enrollment law, parents have the choice as to where they want their children to attend school.  Historically there has been a two mile exchange zone between Howard-Winn and Riceville school districts. Students living in the exchange zone not only have the Open Enrollment option, but could also have "door to door" bus service to either District.  "door to door" transportation for open enrollment students was only available to those who lived on the west side of the District and not an option throughout the District. 

With the Riceville First organization providing bus service within the exchange zone  this fall, it has become apparent that there is no longer a need to continue the reciprocal exchange zone agreement. The Exchange Zone between Riceville and Howard-Winn will end at the conclusion of the 2014-15 school year.     

Reliance Standard Critical Illness/Wellness Benefit 2014-15
-       All full-time teachers that are on the health plan are eligible for $100 wellness benefit!
-       Step 1: Participate in the blood draw this spring
-       Step 2: After blood draw with your numbers in hand, visit and complete the health risk assessment
-       Username: Last name  Password: Last four of SS#
-       Step 3: Think of ways to spend your $100

FYI: The critical illness benefit pays up to $5,000 for heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, organ transplant and Cancer.  Please contact Midwest Group Benefits for more information.
More information will be forthcoming from Robyn Lane, HR facilitator. Watch for the blood draw date! 

  • WOW! Way to GO Honor Choir Festival participates Mikayla Lane, Jayden Ruroden, Ethan Govern and Abby Buls. OUTSTANDING!
  • Good Luck to the Boys CADET Basketball team as they end their season and get ready for tournament play. 
  • We are cheering for the Girls CADET Basketball team as they start Tournament play, We are proud of you! 
  • Wrestlers ROCK! Good Luck Saturday to the CADETS as they take another step towards the State Wrestling Tournament.  Looking forward to next weekend!
  • CADET CHEERLEADERS Thank You for your spirit and for causing excitement! 
Learning at Howard-Winn looked like this last week.........................

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