Friday, February 6, 2015

February 6, 2015

Crestwood Secondary Schools (7-12)
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Congratulations to all 7th-8th Grade Science Fair Participants. Great application of knowledge and demonstration of practical learning!!!

Special Events for the Week of February 9-15, 2015
Monday:         Law Enforcement Meeting - 9:00 a.m.
Tuesday:        CBE Collaborative Council Meeting - 9:00 a.m.
                        Regional Principal's Meeting - 11:30 a.m.
Wednesday:   Modified Instructional Schedule
                        Administrative Meeting - 7:45 a.m.
                        Teacher Leadership and Compensation Grant Meeting - 3:30 p.m.
                        Howard-Winneshiek Foundation Meeting - 4:00 p.m.   

Friday:            At-Risk/Guidance Meeting - 1:00 p.m. 

Youth Frontiers - The Character Challenge

Mountain Climbers are Coming!
The Mountain Climber Award seeks to recognize students who have overcome difficulties to succeed academically, behaviorally, or overall citizenship. The award is focused not on students who necessarily achieved at high levels, rather students that have overcome difficult situations. During the spring of each year, nominations are sought from the faculty and students based on these criteria.   

It is the goal to have at least 8-10 students recognized each year. Teacher nominations will be used to create the certificate presented to students. A recognition reception will be held that will invite students, family, and any staff members interested in attending. It is asked that teachers or students who nominate a student please attend the reception to read the nomination and present the certificate, if possible.

The nomination form is due February 27, 2015. The Award Reception will be March 23, 2015.

Regional Principal's Meeting
The next meeting between the 5 regional High Schools will be Tuesday, February 10 at 12 p.m. at NICC - Calmar.  The agenda will include:
  • Information from February 7th Meeting
  • Reflections from Our Last Meeting 
  • Daily Schedule 
    •  Do We Adopt a Common 8 Period Day plus Advisory?
    •  Length of Periods? 
  • Course Comparison Template
    •  Do We Use a Template as a Guide? 
  • Common Course Guide
    •  Combined or Separate
  •  Grading Philosophies
    •  If courses are shared, how do we eliminate confusion over grading procedures?
  • Future Meeting Dates/Times/Location

Modified Instructional Day Schedule
February 11th will have a different schedule for grades 7-12. The schedule will be:
Period 1             8:15  -   8:55
Period 2             9:00  -   9:40
Period 3             9:45  -  10:25
Period 4            10:30 -  11:15
Period 5            11:20  -  12:32
      “A” Lunch       11:20  -  11:44
      “B” Lunch       11:44  -  12:08
      “C” Lunch       12:08  -  12:32
Period 6            12:35 -  1:05
Period 7             1:10  -  1:40
Period 8             1:45  -  2:15
Homebase         2:15  -  3:15

Parent/Teacher Conferences - Student Led Conferences 
Parent-Teacher Conferences/Student Led Conferences will be held on Tuesday,
February 17th and Thursday, February 19th. Some teachers may have conferences on Tuesday, February 24th. Time for conferences at the junior high school and high school will be 3:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. both nights. For the most part, conferences will be held in the classroom. Parents have the opportunity to schedule conferences online. The step-by-step process is listed at the end of this letter. Should you need assistance or have any questions please contact the following:

Junior High: 563-547-2001 and ask for Sharon Ollendieck or Linda Middlebrook
High School: 563 547-2764 and ask for Janice Lansing or Michelle Bakken.

**Students/parents/guardians will meet with the student’s Homebase Advisor.
Students are required to participate. If parents needs to meet with a specific
teacher, separate arrangements can be made.
**All students know their Homebase Advisor. Please ask them for the teacher’s name.
**The link to schedule conferences will be available beginning Friday afternoon,
February 6th after 3 p.m.  
**Student Led Conferences will be 15 minutes in length with 5 minutes of passing
**Teachers who can meet on February 24th will be denoted in Conference Scheduler.

Parent Teacher Conference Scheduling Instructions:
-Access the Howard-Winneshiek website: http//
-The link to access the conference scheduling tool will be on the Howard-
Winneshiek homepage under the Parent Information tab (along the top)
“Secondary Conference Schedule” AND a separate link for those teachers that will have conferences on the 24th - "February 24th Secondary Conf. Sched"
-Type in your user name (parent last name) and JMC parent password (same as what you use to log on and check grades, attendance, lunch, etc.). If you do not know your password, please call the building secretary.
-Click on “Schedule A Conference”
-Select Teacher(s) by highlighting the teacher's name (one at a time) and clicking on “Add Teacher”. Up to 3 teachers will appear on a screen.
-Click on View Schedule. Click on a date tab to view schedule(s) for that date.
-Type in student's name when the Confirm Conference Box appears
-Answer "yes" or "no" pertaining to the question.
-Click on the red "x" box in the top right corner so the Conference Box disappears
-Follow this process until all teachers are scheduled
-Print your schedule or write the names down so you know the times and the teachers
-If a name or unavailable appears rather than the word "available" that means the
time slot is filled.

Benefits of Competency Based Education
  • Competency based education’s goal is to demonstrate a set of skills and knowledge in a select field through authentic assessments. It allows the student to learn what they need to learn in the way they learn best.
  • With competency based education, students must demonstrate proficiency in many areas in order to graduate the program with a degree, certificate, or distinction.
  • Some students may come to the program already able to demonstrate certain proficiencies, so students can easily enter the program at different points. 
  • Each student learns at their own pace. 
  • Learning can be quite individualized while still teaching a larger group of students.
  • Each competency has rich content to choose from to meet the needs of each student.
                                Digital Camera Class


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