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JCC February 6, 2015

District Perspective
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Amazing! These young ladies, kindergartners, building robotic arms. The year is 2015, can you imagine what the ladies will be capable of doing when they are seniors at Crestwood High School? This is the class of 2027! 

Howard-Winn: On the Move!
Howard-Winn continues to move forward. It was reported again this past week, in several news outlets, that 60% of Iowa school districts had either flat enrollment or a decline in student enrollment. Just as Howard-Winn is having to plan and take actions locally, at the Capitol, legislators are trying to figure it out as well. If you track the trends, urban districts are growing, rural districts are shrinking. The challenge for rural districts is because of population; urban districts simply have more representation. Compounding the problem, urban school districts do not understand rural districts and rural districts do not understand urban districts. 

My takeaways from all of this is: rural districts cannot stand alone, we must unite, come together, collaborate and create. If we stand alone none of us will survive. That being said Howard-Winn is EXCITED with the possibilities of sharing programs and resources with South Winneshiek, Turkey Valley, New Hampton, Decorah, and Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC). With new thinking, South-Winn, Turkey Valley and Howard-Winn all being 1:1, connecting with NICC, could become the template of what 21st century learning looks like. Learning would no longer be in a "silo" classroom, school or district. We are making history!

Next Steps:
  • The Howard-Winn Elma campus has been offered to the city of Elma. City officials have 60 days to respond to the offer.
  • The District has begun conversations with the City of Lime Springs in regard to the Howard-Winn Lime Springs campus. These are preliminary conversations focusing on the daycare facility, the Lime Springs School building/property, and Howard-Winn preschool options. It should be noted that the Howard-Winn School District owns the property and rents/leases space to the Spring Ahead Learning Center. 
  • Start Date and Allowable Growth have yet to be decided by the legislature. Stay tuned! 
  • The District Advisory Committee met Wednesday, Feb. 4 at the K-8 Discovery Center. The focus was on the District's operations and brainstorming on budget reductions. There was good, thoughtful conversation.   
  • Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015, TV, SW, HW, NH, and Decorah Board Presidents and Superintendents, along with NICC officials will meet in Protivin to review progress: 2015-16 Calendar and synchronized daily high school schedules. New items will include but are not limited to: teacher professional development, sharing administration and support services and college credit for PD. 
  • The next Howard-Winn School Board meeting is 7 p.m. on Feb. 9, 2015 at the Crestwood High School Library
Teacher Leadership and Compensation (TLC)
The Teacher Leadership and Compensation System is an initiative created by the legislature and Governor, to create conversation and action to transform teaching and learning. Each district is to create a plan and and submit it. Howard-Winn has a TEAM in place and is working to do so. Funding is tied to this initiative and for Howard-Winn the allocation is roughly $400,000. The current focus of the TEAM is examining the Howard-Winn culture and in parallel identifying needs to enhance teaching pedagogy.   

We have discovered part of our culture is the ability to reach consensus on a direction and have commitment to move forward. A design feature/area of growth identified is the importance to balance need to differentiate and the need to adhere to timeline/expectations. This is not unusual in change and is good conversation. Together we are moving forward and figuring it out.  

KTTC Weather comes to Howard-Winn!
2nd graders had a wonderful experience last week! KTTC-TV meteorologist Jonathan Kegges was kind enough to come to Crestwood and share what it means to be a meteorologist and talk "weather" with students! Everyone had a GREAT time!

Shout Outs!
  • Good Luck to our wrestlers and basketball teams as they begin tournament play! CADETS FORWARD! 
  • A special THANK YOU to staff for facilitating the Mr. Kegges (KTTC weather person) visit to the 2nd grade! 
  • If you missed the 7th-8th grade Science Fair, you missed seeing tomorrow's scientist! GREAT WORK! Our FUTURE looks bright! 
  • THANK YOU to Mr. Kegges for coming to Howard-Winn! KTTC Weather ROCKS!
  • A BIG shout out to CADETS heading to State Speech! We've got five groups going. Four Improvisation groups and an acting piece. First time ever ALL varsity improv kids are competing. GOOD LUCK!
Learning at Howard-Winn last week looked like.......

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