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Terese Jurgensen - February 12, 2015

Terese Jurgensen & Heather Suckow - School Board Meeting
Parent-Teacher Conferences
Conferences are coming up next week on Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. I have always loved these special evenings when we share with our parents, the progress and yes, sometimes the struggles, of students. It is so important to attend your child(ren)'s conference. Research proves that the closer we partner together for student achievement, the greater the progress will be! If you have not signed up for conferences, please call Crestwood Elementary @ 563-547-2300, to sign up!

 Elementary Honor Choir Students!

Four students from Crestwood Elementary were chosen for the Iowa Choral Honor Choir. They are shown here singing with Schuyler Bieber, who brought several students to Oelwein to audition for this amazing honor! According to Mr. Bieber, "All of the students who tried out were excellent and tried their very best." He was proud of all of them! The students who were chosen are shown above. From the left are Ethan Govern (5th), Abby Buls (5th), Mr. Bieber, Mikayla Lane (6th) and Jayden Ruroden (6th). This is the first time in many years that Crestwood Elementary Students have had the opportunity and honor to be selected to perform with Iowa's Elementary Honor Choir! 

Random Acts of 
Kindness Week
Crestwood Elementary was busy practicing their Cadet Pride expectation of Caring this week during Random Acts of Kindness Week! Wonderful events occurred all over the school and reached out into the world. Shown below is Mrs. Daywitt's students reaching out and sharing their writing with kindergarten students. On the right here is a young student, Abby, who made me a beautiful card for being her principal. It was caring and made my day! Random Acts reached out across the world to include valentines to service men and women in the army, singing at the nursing home and being extra kind to our friends in the classroom!                                                          

                                Third Grade Students Racing Cars!
                 Shown here are two of Melissa Adam's students with their Race Cars!

There are many ways to learn science, but I was super impressed to watch our 3rd grade students learn how simple machines work by bringing in their own "homemade" cars this week. The cars need to have at least two types of simple machines involved like a pulley or a lever. One  3rd grade student welded hers with her dad  and another student told me he, "Drilled in all of the screws!" There are so many great things about this lesson from the hands-on, real-life component about science, to the home collaboration piece. Amazing!!

Mrs. Midthus's class holding their Science Racing Cars!
 Student Report ~ 5th Grade Students Visit ArcAttack @ UNI
ArcAttack was cool. The telecoils were awesome! I'm glad we got to go there. It was very loud (no surprise) and I couldn't believe that they put together the telecoils by themselves. It did cost them a lot of money though. The telecoils were bigger than I imagined and they played music, rock music! And there was this one guitar that controlled the telecoils. I did not think that it would be this cool. Finally, I got to talk to my friends on the bus ride and watch movies on the way there and back. The movies were How To TrainYour Dragons 2 and The Lego Movie. Our entire 5th grade class had a great day!
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Crestwood Elementary Students Love Reading & Writing!

5th Grade Students are holding book clubs - "They love them!"
Fourth Grade Students Keep Daily Planners!
Weekly Spelling Tests keep our students prepared to write!

                            Happy Valentine's Day!


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