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JCC March 20, 2015

District Perspective
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A "BIG SHOUT OUT" to Lauren and Shane for achieving All-State status in Speech!  Your accomplishments make us all proud!  A "BIG SHOUT OUT"  also to Speech Coach Deb Day! Your enthusiasm, energy and commitment to serve students is inspirational.  Job WELL done to all.  

Learning at Howard-Winn this last week
Excitement and energy was full throttle last week at Howard-Winn.  Opera Iowa was "in the house" performing "The Billy Goats Gruff" for students.  It was a wonderful performance and am VERY proud of the student's manner while attending the show! 

Walking through the halls at Howard-Winn one sees how learning is evolving. Learners, students and teachers, are redefining and discovering.  We are moving towards empowering students, connecting them to real world experiences and opportunities. 

21st Century Learning: 2020 Howard-Winn
The current system/structure of teaching and learning is "wobbling". Based on 20th century system thinking, sorting kids by chronological age, teaching to the masses, does not connect to the 21st century. There is little flexibility. The realities of a shifting student enrollment, coupled with decisions like start dates and funding being made outside the local school district's control, are adding stress. Education must evolve.

That being said, it is up to us, locally, to figure out the way forward. As has been said, the calvary is not coming to save us. As we are going through this period of change we must keep looking forward, visioning what teaching and learning might/will become, preparing and positioning for what comes next. It is realized we have to address our present condition, but it is crucial to not loose focus on what is on the horizon. 

Part of the emerging thinking includes 21st Century Learning: Design Essentials. These are "molecular" components of a new DNA for teaching and learning. 

As we continue to move forward, addressing the here and now, we must keep looking towards the tomorrow and beyond.  

This is an exciting and scary "once in a life time"  opportunity. Please know that I am honored to be walking and experiencing this journey with you. Together we will do and create great and wonderful things for kids!

Next Steps Forward
There are several pieces "in play" for setting structure for the fall. As has been shared, we are looking at $750,000 in reductions. Staff reductions will be part of the equation.
Negotiations, Allowable Growth, projected enrollment and early retirement are contributing factors. The following "mile-marker" dates will bring focus and direction. 

March 24:  Early Retirements to be turned in.
March 31:  Special Board Meeting to respond to Early Retirement requests. 
March 31 to April 29:  Staff needs for 2015-16 established.
April 30:  Teacher Reductions notices. 

*Reductions are being explored at all levels, all departments.

Possible Elementary Staffing Scenarios for 2015-16
(#s current as of 3/16/15) 

Anticipated #

*May attend Cresco
*Numbers will +
     Lime Springs*
Transitional K
*8 students currently on K & TK list

Anticipated #
If 3 sections
If 4 sections
1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
78 (possible ND +)
6th Grade
 * this is being reviewed and tracked.

So what should I be doing now in regard to this fall?
Stay positive, things will work out. Do not allow worry to rob you of enjoying the moment. Keep in mind that together we are making wonderful things happen at Howard-Winn for kids. Continue to grow and think "outside of  the box". There is unlimited potential ahead. 

Also remember that everything has a beginning, middle and an end. Just as one thing ends, be ready for what is coming next.  

  • THANK YOU to Michelle Bakken and Heather Klenke for editing and posting the Admin Update each week! You Guys ROCK!
  • Congrats to Coach Sickles for being selected as District Coach of the Year. What a GREAT season!

  • Congratulations to Ms. Johnson on getting engaged!  VERY COOL! 
  • Track and Golf season is underway! Good Luck to ALL!

Special THANK YOU to Mrs. Ringeon for her assistance in the 6-8 grade concert last night! 

What an adventure at Howard-Winn this past week! Opera Iowa, the BIG Blast and NFL San Diego Charger, EXCITEMENT!  

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